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Our values

Some of our clients



Here is a video published on Evolis' website (1'40) in which Denis Pietersoone -our CEO- introduces SpringCard. He also talks about the collaboration between SpringCard and Evolis and gives details concerning our CrazyWriter.

Our people

With a huge breadth of projects ranging from working with massive corporations to localised companies, SpringCard has proven time and again its expertise by using its phenomenal database of theoretical knowledge to create practical solutions for our customers.

Our technologies are always progressing and nothing is done in advance. Searching - and succeeding - brings our people enjoyment. Because they are involved in the projects from start to finish, their job is meaningful. Moreover the relation with most of our clients is long-lasting. All this makes the difference for our employees as well as for our clients.

SpringCard needs its employees’ creativity - they are always welcome to spend a little time on side projects to explore technology and open new ways of development. SpringCard fosters curiosity. It helps employees gain experience and express their talent. We believe that each individual should take responsibility for their own development. To encourage any positive initiatives, SpringCard creates a positive and comfortable environment for people to find their own place in the company.

A glance at our story

Pro Active SAS becomes SpringCard SAS
The Research & Development Department moves in Angers
The technical blog is open
A branch is created in San Diego (US)
At the Paris Cards Show, the Prox'N'Roll is used fot the IT management of the attendees
SpringCard trademark is launched
The K531 module is integrated in biometric terminals used by Paris Airports
Pro Active is born