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Filename Version Upload date Size
SDK SpringCard PocketPC 1-20 1123 kb
springcard-sdk_1-17.exe 1-17 5409 kb
springcard-sdk_1-16.exe 1-16 1545 kb
springcard-sdk_1-15.exe 1-15 1349 kb
springcard-sdk_1-11.exe 1-11 2517 kb
springcard-sdk_1-10.exe 1-10 2245 kb
SDK SpringProx API (CSB Legacy, K531/K632)
PC/SC driver for Windows (outdated)
sdd480-bb.exe BB 3863 kb
sdd480-ac.exe AC 596 kb
sdd480-aa.exe AA 588 kb
  Note: Products without SAM nor contact slot (like Prox'N'Roll) could be used with Microsoft's CCID driver (shipped with Windows or available on Windows Update). Only our driver gives access to the SAM or contact slots of the other products.
Using SpringCard PC/SC couplers with Android
pmd15240-aa.pdf AA 587 kb
SDK for SpringProx-CF and SpringProx-CF-UP 1-50 6810 kb
springprox-ppc-sdk_1-46.exe 1-46 6333 kb
springprox-ppc-sdk_1-42.exe 1-42 5985 kb
springprox-ppc-sdk_1-34.exe 1-34 7557 kb
springprox-ppc-sdk_1-21.exe 1-21 7981 kb
QuickStart for SpringProx (PocketPC)
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-50.exe 1-50 470 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-41.exe 1-41 324 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-35.exe 1-35 120 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-21.exe 1-21 192 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc2002_arm_1-21.exe 1-21 84 kb
  Note: Use ActiveSync to install this package on your PocketPC
Master-card creation tool
sq844p-dc.exe DC 2825 kb
sq844p-db.exe DB 2791 kb
sq844p-cc.exe CC 1820 kb
sq844p-ca.exe CA 1806 kb
sq844p-aa.exe AA 856 kb
  Note: In order to use this tool, you need a SpringCard PC/SC reader (Prox'N'Roll PC/SC recommended) and blank NXP Desfire cards.
Driver for SpringProx-SD and SpringSIM-SD
sdioserial_ppc2005_armv4.exe ARMV4 52 kb
sdioserial_ppc2003_armv4.exe ARMV4 52 kb
  Note: Use ActiveSync to install this driver on your PocketPC
CSB6 Family : Legacy USB driver
sdd470-ba.exe BA 747 kb
sdd470-ae.exe AE 886 kb
sdd470-ad.exe AD 810 kb
sdd470-ac.exe AC 839 kb
sdd470-ab.exe AB 493 kb
sdd470-1606.exe 1606 970 kb
  Note: In legacy mode, CSB6 uses a standard USB CDC/ACM profile. Actual driver is provided by Microsoft with the OS. This package only provides the relevant '.inf' file.