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Filename Version Upload date Size
[sn16312-1609] 1609 27784 kb
sn15119-1606.exe 1606 834 kb
CSB Quickstart and USB driver installation
pnad101-ad.pdf AD 429 kb
CSB-4 product flyer
c01d100-ab.pdf AB 203 kb
Developing a scriptable PC/SC applet in Java
pmd0160-aa.pdf AA 391 kb
CSB6 Family : Quick installation guide (Windows)
pmu8j5p-aa.pdf AA 62 kb
Driver for CSB4 family: installation guide
pmi8f1p-ab.pdf AB 391 kb
pmi8f1p-aa.pdf AA 564 kb
CSB4, K531, K632 : Firmware upgrade procedure
fgf984p-ab.pdf AB 584 kb
fgf984p-aa.pdf AA 479 kb
Diagnostic Tool for mobile and handheld device 69 kb
  Note: to install, copy the files of the package onto your PocketPC device, where your project has been installed.
QuickStart for SpringCard (PocketPC)
springcard-quickstart_ppc_arm_1-14.exe 1-14 64 kb
springcard-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-20.exe 1-20 196 kb
springcard-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-16.exe 1-16 124 kb
springcard-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-14.exe 1-14 152 kb
  Note: Use ActiveSync to install this package on your PocketPC
RDR reference manual
pma959p-cb.pdf CB 676 kb
pma959p-ab.pdf AB 648 kb
pma959p-aa.pdf AA 640 kb
SDK BIO for EasyFinger
sq9415-aa.exe AA 3397 kb
  Note: You must install the required drivers before using this SDK : driver SD8D5P for Sagem MorphoSmart and depending on EasyFinger's configuration, PC/SC driver SDD480 or Legacy driver SDD470
SDK SpringCard PocketPC 1-20 1123 kb
springcard-sdk_1-17.exe 1-17 5409 kb
springcard-sdk_1-16.exe 1-16 1545 kb
springcard-sdk_1-15.exe 1-15 1349 kb
springcard-sdk_1-11.exe 1-11 2517 kb
springcard-sdk_1-10.exe 1-10 2245 kb
SDK SpringProx API (CSB Legacy, K531/K632)
Using SpringCard PC/SC couplers with Android
pmd15240-aa.pdf AA 587 kb
SDK for SpringProx-CF and SpringProx-CF-UP 1-50 6810 kb
springprox-ppc-sdk_1-46.exe 1-46 6333 kb
springprox-ppc-sdk_1-42.exe 1-42 5985 kb
springprox-ppc-sdk_1-34.exe 1-34 7557 kb
springprox-ppc-sdk_1-21.exe 1-21 7981 kb
QuickStart for SpringProx (PocketPC)
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-50.exe 1-50 470 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-41.exe 1-41 324 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-35.exe 1-35 120 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-21.exe 1-21 192 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc2002_arm_1-21.exe 1-21 84 kb
  Note: Use ActiveSync to install this package on your PocketPC
Master-card creation tool
sq844p-dc.exe DC 2825 kb
sq844p-db.exe DB 2791 kb
sq844p-cc.exe CC 1820 kb
sq844p-ca.exe CA 1806 kb
sq844p-aa.exe AA 856 kb
  Note: In order to use this tool, you need a SpringCard PC/SC reader (Prox'N'Roll PC/SC recommended) and blank NXP Desfire cards.
Driver for SpringProx-SD and SpringSIM-SD
sdioserial_ppc2005_armv4.exe ARMV4 52 kb
sdioserial_ppc2003_armv4.exe ARMV4 52 kb
  Note: Use ActiveSync to install this driver on your PocketPC
CSB6 Family : Legacy USB driver
sdd470-ba.exe BA 747 kb
sdd470-ae.exe AE 886 kb
sdd470-ad.exe AD 810 kb
sdd470-ac.exe AC 839 kb
sdd470-ab.exe AB 493 kb
sdd470-1606.exe 1606 970 kb
  Note: In legacy mode, CSB6 uses a standard USB CDC/ACM profile. Actual driver is provided by Microsoft with the OS. This package only provides the relevant '.inf' file.