FunkyGate-DW NFC+BLE

FunkyGate-DW NFC+BLE

Contactless/RFID/NFC+ BLE wall 'smart reader'

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The FunkyGate-DW NFC+BLE enables a Hands-Free Access Control Experience.

It runs with SpringBlue application. To know more about it, see here a short video.

The ‘smart reader’ can be set up for 4 different output protocol:

  • DataClock, ISO2 frame format
  • Wiegand, 32 bits frame format
  • ‘Simplified’ RS-485: the reader sends directly data to the badges as text
  • ‘Advanced’ RS-485 able to gather several readers in ‘bus’ configuration behind only one treatment unity

Once you set up the ‘smart reader’ application aspect of the FunkyGate-DW NFC+BLE to catch precise cards data (number or text), whether a protocol serial number (UID), field contents or securized file they are, the FunkyGate-DW NFC+BLE is then stand-alone to do it: the computer or the treatment unity then receives the data.

It is designed to be installed on a wall or a door frame. It has a buzzer and two red/green luminous lights. In addition to be an access control reader, the durable FunkyGate-DW NFC+BLE easily finds its place.

Please note that this device has not been certified by Bluetooth SIG, and has not endorsed either CE nor FCC certification yet. This device shall be used for evaluation purposes only.


  • Supports almost all 13.56MHz badges used in companies
  • To be set up with Windows software (MultiConf) or securised master badge
  • Supports up to 4 reading templates simultaneously
  • Rugged wall-mount reader (identical shell for all the SpringCard wall readers)
  • 103x75x23mm
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • RoHS & WEEE compliant (environmental protection)

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