K663 module

K663 module

Serial interface contactless reader (coupling device)

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SpringCard K663 module is designed to be the core of a 13.56MHz reader/writer communicating in a serial link with its host (microcontroller ou embedded system).

The module needs an antenna :

  • either balanced
  • or 50Ω unbalanced antenna.

It depends on your size constraints or the type of tag to support (see in our antennas portfolio or ask for a custom-made one).

The module only needs to be powered in 3 up to 5V and can be updated without being stripped down (firmware upgrade is available here). Communication with host is made with a RX/TX serial link at TTL level (0-5V), in compliance with CMOS (0-3V). Thanks to the Low Power Standby mode (LPCD), the host can sleep until the coupling device gives the information that a card is shown. See a video (1'08) explaining the LPCD.

Here is the presentation of the K663 module in video. 


  • Custom antenna possible
  • LPCD mode
  • Flexibly powered: from 3V up to 5V
  • 4 LED outputs
  • 1 buzzer output
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • RoHS & WEEE compliant (environmental protection)
  • Carrier frequency: 13.56MHz
  • ISO 14443 (1, 2, 3 and 4, both type A and type B): Proximity Coupling Device (PCD)
  • ISO 15693 (1, 2, 3): Vicinity Coupling Device (VCD) or Base Station for RFID labels and tags
  • ISO 21481 (ECMA 352): the device is able to communicate with any NFC object running in card emulation mode
  • ISO 18092 / NFC peer-to-peer (initiator, passive communication mode only)
  • Coupler's firmware embeds T=CL protocol (ISO-DEP), 256-byte frames
RF Bitrate
  • 106, 212, 424 or 848kbit/s (ISO 14443, NFC-A & NFC-B), 212 or 424kbit/s (FeliCa, NFC-F), 26kbps (ISO 15693, NFC-V)
Supported cards/tags/labels
  • ATMEL CryptoRF
  • ASK CTS256/CTS512
  • Calypso (CD97, CD21, GTML, etc), Innovatron radio protocol "14443 B'"
  • FeliCa Lite, Lite-S (NFC Forum T3T)
  • HID iClass, Inside PicoTag (UID only)
  • Infineon SLE66 family
  • Innovision Jewel, Topaz (NFC Forum T1T)
  • NXP Mifare UltraLight, NTAG (NFC Forum T2T), Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, Desfire, SmartMX...
  • NXP ICODE-SLI family
  • ST MicroElectronics SR, SRI, SRIX families
  • ST MicroElectronics LR family
  • Texas Instrument my-d proximity
  • Texas Instrument my-d vicinity
  • Low power card detection mode (LPCD) to reduce power consumption while waiting for a contactless card
  • 'S' version: balanced integrated antenna
  • 'A' version: unbalanced integrated antenna
Host interface details for all versions
  • Serial - 38400 or 115200bps
  • SpringProx binary or ASCII protocol
Software integration / development
  • Free SDK featuring 'SpringProx API' (full ANSI C source code+ binary for Windows and Linux)
  • 3 to 5V DC
  • 2 x 10 pins, 2.54mm step
Firmware upgrade
  • In-field, no physical action on the device using SpringCard FUU application (provided that the RESET pin is controlled by the host)
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