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Key Features

Our new PUCK One coupling device operates at 13.56 MHz USB.

On the hardware side, the PUCK One had 2 PCB in order to prevent antenna perturbation with electronics and offer the best coupling field,
thanks to its size of 7.8x2.8cm it will find a place on your desk!
Its default blue crown, but customizable thanks to its RGB LEDs, allow you a quick visual feedback
Working through USB and you can use any standard USB 3 cable

With an integrated SAM AV2, the PUCK One ensures complete security with ease thanks to its own secure element !
If you prefer, you can also use the SAM slot to import your security key through SAM card !

Thanks to its PC/SC firmware, the Puck ONE is multi OS, it runs smoothly on Windows, Linux and OSX !

The PUCK One propose several working modes, with SpringCard Companion our new multi-OS configuration tool, change modes and configure your device in seconds !
It's a scalable product that adapts to all your expectations !
More of that, the PUCK One operates on a unique multimode firmware !
In RFID Scanner mode the PUCK One is able to do keyboard emulation !
If you prefer you can use our standard full PC/SC firmware ! 

The PUCK One can read all tags, cards and labels of norms ISO 14443, ISO 15693, NFC I to V !


Create loyalty programs for your customers.

Control access to your secure warehouses, or offer your employees a secure and easy-to-use login solution.

The Puck ONE is the perfect enroling station for your access control badges thanks to its integrated secure element !

Read and encode all formats NFC tags from the button to the passport through more classic formats !

Make electronic payment easily !

Identify users but also objects to make traceability or monitoring!

Reload your transport tickets (on microprocessor cards like Desfire or Calypso) think about the PUCK One !

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