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NFC, contactless smart cards & RFID readers and solutions

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File name Target Version Date uploaded size
Diagnostic Tool for mobile and handheld device
sc82wp.zip 69 kb
  Note : to install, copy the files of the package onto your PocketPC device, where your project has been installed.
Configuration tool for Prox'N'Roll RFID Scanner (deprecated)
sn1212-ag.exe Windows AG 723 kb
sn1212-af.exe Windows AF 725 kb
sn1212-ae.exe Windows AE 731 kb
sn1212-aa.exe Windows AA 722 kb
Network Device Discovery Utility (NDDU)
sn13210-1512.exe Windows 1512 722 kb
MultiConf - Configuration tool for SpringCard products
sn14007-1602.exe Windows 1602 1911 kb
sn14007-1509.exe Windows 1509 117 kb
sn14007-1506.exe Windows 1506 117 kb
sn14007-1502.exe Windows 1502 1611 kb
sn14007-1410-v1.exe Windows 1410.V1 1401 kb
sn14007-1409.exe Windows 1409 1376 kb
  Note :

Use this program to configure Springcard products with a visual interface

QuickStart for SpringCard (PocketPC)
springcard-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-20.exe PocketPC ARMv4 1.20 196 kb
springcard-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-16.exe PocketPC ARMv4 1.16 124 kb
springcard-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-14.exe PocketPC ARMv4 1.14 152 kb
springcard-quickstart_ppc_arm_1-14.exe PocketPC ARM 1.14 64 kb
  Note : Use ActiveSync to install this package on your PocketPC
QuickStart for SpringProx (PocketPC)
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-50.exe PocketPC ARMv4 1.50 470 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-41.exe PocketPC ARMv4 1.41 324 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-35.exe PocketPC ARMv4 1.35 120 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-21.exe PocketPC ARMv4 1.21 192 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc2002_arm_1-21.exe PocketPC 2002 ARM 1.21 84 kb
  Note : Use ActiveSync to install this package on your PocketPC
QuickStart for PC/SC
sq13163-ac.exe Windows AC 1860 kb
sq13163-ab.exe Windows AB 1858 kb
sq13163-aa.exe Windows AA 1736 kb
sq13163-1406.exe Windows 1406 2105 kb
  Note :

This package comes without drivers ! You must install appropriate PC/SC USB driver before this package.

QuickStart for H512 and NFC'Roll
sq2211-aa.exe Windows AA 852 kb
QuickStart for CSB4, K632, K663, Prox'N'Drive...
sq85gp-ba.exe Windows BA 1546 kb
sq85gp-ab.exe Windows AB 1540 kb
sq85gp-aa.exe Windows AA 2262 kb
  Note :

This package comes without drivers ! For USB products, you must install appropriate USB driver before this package.