Our Services


SpringCard is a recognized expertise in the following areas:

  • contactless cards, RFID and NFC, ISO/IEC 14443 standards (proximity cards), 15693 (neighbourhood cards), 18092 (NFCIP-1),
  • chip card applications: ISO/IEC 7816 (contact cards), transport (Calypso) or payment (EMV) architectures, PC/SC,
  • machine-to-machine communication: NFC, embedded wired or RF protocols, TCP/IP on micro-controllers,
  • complex architectures for physical access identification or control, end-to-end security.


The customer is supported, from the establishment of the specifications to mass production, including the production of the first model.

After an assessment of expectations, SpringCard offers concrete and operational technical solutions, with the constant concern to be reliable, to remain simple and to meet with users needs.


We intervene at the fixed price or at all stages of your project:

  • analysis of need, drafting of workbook expenses, project methodology,
  • drafting of specifications, definition of architectures,
  • hardware and software design, unit tests, integration,
  • design and ergonomics, mechanical design, mechatronics,
  • layout and prototyping, validation, certifications,
  • industrialization file, documentation and packaging

Information request

We think our technologies have to be understood widely.

We publish news and uses cases on our blog SpringCard and our technical blog TechZone

to provide clarifications and get a better understanding of wireless technologies.