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SpringCore Tools
sq20029-2112.zip 2112 1616 kb
sq20029-2109.zip 2109 1584 kb
sq20029-2107.zip 2107 1578 kb
sq20029-2101.zip 2101 1280 kb
sq20029-2011.zip 2011 1283 kb
sq20029-2006.zip 2006 1213 kb
  Command-line utilities to work with SpringCore devices.  
  Note :  This archive contains the binaries and their libraries. The .NET Framework 4.8 is required to run them on Windows, and Mono release 6.12 on macOS and Linux. See <a href="https://tech.springcard.com/2021/installing-the-springcore-tools-on-windows-macos-and-linux/">tech.springcard.com/2021/installing-the-springcore-tools-on-windows-macos-and-linux/</a> for details and installation procedure.  

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