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Network Device Discovery Utility (NDDU)
sn13210-2104.exe 2104 1847 kb
sn13210-1512.exe 1512 722 kb
FunkyGate NFC (IP & DW) Installation Guide
pmi14049-ab.pdf AB 440 kb
pmi14049-aa.pdf AA 421 kb
FunkyGate NFC Product Leaflet (fr)
pfl13274-aa.pdf AA 6498 kb
FunkyGate NFC Product Leaflet (en)
pfl13276-aa.pdf AA 6496 kb
FunkyGate-IP NFC, HandyDrummer-IP Network Integration and Configuration
pma14166-ab.pdf AB 581 kb
pma14166-aa.pdf AA 567 kb
‘E’ Series : Network PC/SC Contactless Couplers
[pfl16089-ab]_e-series-network-pc-sc-contactless-couplers-leaflet.pdf AB 2577 kb
pfl16089-ab.pdf AB 2576 kb
pfl16089-aa.pdf AA 2572 kb
Windows PC/SC Driver for Network couplers
sd15424-2001.exe 2001 2511 kb
sd15424-1603.exe 1603 4003 kb
sd15424-1601.exe 1601 3987 kb
FunkyGate Special Instructions
[pna17271-aa]_funkygate-special-instructions.pdf AA 284 kb
pna17271-aa.pdf AA 284 kb
FunkyGate FCC
[etc17389-aa]_fcc-grant-tyq-fgpoe01-dxx.pdf AA 113 kb
FunkyGate IP PC/SC QuickStart Guide
pmu18296-aa.pdf AA 1738 kb
FunkyGate-DW NFC Integration and Configuration Guide
pma13292-ad.pdf AD 449 kb
pma13292-ab.pdf AB 399 kb
pma13292-aa.pdf AA 400 kb
SDK for RDR 150505 62554 kb
FunkyGate DW 3D
SpringPark SD Fiche Produit Fr
[pmu21016-aa]_springpark_sd_fiche_produit_fr_FR.pdf AA 2100 kb
SpringPark SD Product Leaflet En
[pmu21015-aa]_springpark_sd_product_leaflet_en_EN.pdf AA 2099 kb
PC/SC driver for Windows (outdated)
sdd480-bb.exe BB 3863 kb
sdd480-ac.exe AC 596 kb
sdd480-aa.exe AA 588 kb
  Note : Products without SAM nor contact slot (like Prox'N'Roll) could be used with Microsoft's CCID driver (shipped with Windows or available on Windows Update). Only our driver gives access to the SAM or contact slots of the other products.
SpringPass - Création de pass wallet mobile
[psl21041-aa]_creation_de_pass_FR.pdf AA 4074 kb
SpringPass - Mobile wallet pass creator
[psl21043-aa]_springpass_mobile_wallet_pass_creator_EN.pdf AA 4054 kb
Certificate of RCTIF V5 0 accreditation
[etc21062-aa]_certificate_of_rctif_v5_0_accreditation_EN.pdf AA 124 kb
Crazy UHF QuickStart Guide
pfl18041-ab.pdf AB 290 kb
pfl18041-aa.pdf AA 280 kb
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