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Filename Version Upload date Size
CSB4, K531, K632 : Firmware upgrade procedure
fgf984p-ab.pdf AB 584 kb
fgf984p-aa.pdf AA 479 kb
CSB5 datasheet
pftd300-ad.pdf AD 124 kb
CSB5B datasheet
pftd430-ac.pdf AC 219 kb
CSB6 Family : Legacy USB driver
sdd470-1606.exe 1606 970 kb
sdd470-ba.exe BA 747 kb
sdd470-ae.exe AE 886 kb
sdd470-ad.exe AD 810 kb
sdd470-ac.exe AC 839 kb
sdd470-ab.exe AB 493 kb
  Note: In legacy mode, CSB6 uses a standard USB CDC/ACM profile. Actual driver is provided by Microsoft with the OS. This package only provides the relevant '.inf' file.
CSB6 Family : Quick installation guide (Windows)
pmu8j5p-aa.pdf AA 62 kb
Configuration tool for Prox'N'Roll RFID Scanner (deprecated)
sn1212-ag.exe AG 723 kb
sn1212-af.exe AF 725 kb
sn1212-ae.exe AE 731 kb
sn1212-aa.exe AA 722 kb
CrazyWriter datasheet
pftd471-ba.pdf BA 218 kb
CrazyWriter hardware manual
pmu8b5p-ab.pdf AB 118 kb
pmu8b5p-aa.pdf AA 86 kb
CrazyWriter product information sheet
pfl8t5p-bb.pdf BB 950 kb
pfl8t5p-ba.pdf BA 401 kb
pfl8t5p-ac.pdf AC 417 kb
pfl8t5p-ab.pdf AB 428 kb
pfl8t5p-aa.pdf AA 531 kb
CrazyWriter product information sheet
Diagnostic Tool for mobile and handheld device 69 kb
  Note: to install, copy the files of the package onto your PocketPC device, where your project has been installed.
Driver for SpringProx-SD and SpringSIM-SD
sdioserial_ppc2005_armv4.exe ARMV4 52 kb
sdioserial_ppc2003_armv4.exe ARMV4 52 kb
  Note: Use ActiveSync to install this driver on your PocketPC
EasyFinger product information sheet
pfl8t8p-aa.pdf AA 394 kb
FunkyGate reference manual
pma8p3p-ca.pdf CA 1146 kb
pma8p3p-bb.pdf BB 735 kb
pma8p3p-ba.pdf BA 735 kb
pma8p3p-aa.pdf AA 2890 kb
FunkyGate product information sheet
pfl9a5p-ah.pdf AH 524 kb
pfl9a5p-ag.pdf AG 503 kb
pfl9a5p-ad.pdf AD 467 kb
pfl9a5p-ab.pdf AB 578 kb
FunkyGate-SU product information sheet
pft0193-af.pdf AF 659 kb
pft0193-ae.pdf AE 742 kb
pft0193-ad.pdf AD 725 kb
pft0193-aa.pdf AA 146 kb
IWM-K531 product flyer
c01a060-ad.pdf AD 351 kb
IWM-K531 reference manual
pmaa060-cb.pdf CB 463 kb
IWM-K531-DW & IWM-K632-DW datasheet
pft874p-aa.pdf AA 257 kb
IWM-K531-SU & IWM-K632-SU datasheet
pft875p-aa.pdf AA 255 kb
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