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Master-card creation tool
sq844p-dc.exe DC 2825 kb
sq844p-db.exe DB 2791 kb
sq844p-cc.exe CC 1820 kb
sq844p-ca.exe CA 1806 kb
sq844p-aa.exe AA 856 kb
  HTML wizard and command line utility to create master cards for FunkyGate, ProxRunner and Prox'N'Roll RFID scanner  
  Note : In order to use this tool, you need a SpringCard PC/SC reader (Prox'N'Roll PC/SC recommended) and blank NXP Desfire cards.  
Driver for SpringProx-SD and SpringSIM-SD
sdioserial_ppc2005_armv4.exe ARMV4 52 kb
sdioserial_ppc2003_armv4.exe ARMV4 52 kb
  Drivers for SpringSIM-SD & SpringProx-SD on PocketPC  
  Note : Use ActiveSync to install this driver on your PocketPC  
EasyFinger product information sheet
pfl8t8p-aa.pdf AA 394 kb
FunkyGate reference manual
pma8p3p-ca.pdf CA 1146 kb
pma8p3p-bb.pdf BB 735 kb
pma8p3p-ba.pdf BA 735 kb
pma8p3p-aa.pdf AA 2890 kb
FunkyGate product information sheet
pfl9a5p-ah.pdf AH 524 kb
pfl9a5p-ag.pdf AG 503 kb
pfl9a5p-ad.pdf AD 467 kb
pfl9a5p-ab.pdf AB 578 kb
CSB4, K531, K632 : Firmware upgrade procedure
fgf984p-ab.pdf AB 584 kb
fgf984p-aa.pdf AA 479 kb
CSB6 Family : Quick installation guide (Windows)
pmu8j5p-aa.pdf AA 62 kb
CrazyWriter datasheet
pftd471-ba.pdf BA 218 kb
CrazyWriter hardware manual
pmu8b5p-ab.pdf AB 118 kb
pmu8b5p-aa.pdf AA 86 kb
CrazyWriter product information sheet
pfl8t5p-bb.pdf BB 950 kb
pfl8t5p-ba.pdf BA 401 kb
pfl8t5p-ac.pdf AC 417 kb
pfl8t5p-ab.pdf AB 428 kb
pfl8t5p-aa.pdf AA 531 kb
CrazyWriter product information sheet
Diagnostic Tool for mobile and handheld device 69 kb
  SC82WP allows you to know the versions of your SpringCard product and of your DLL. SC82WP also enables you to activate or desactivate your LOG file.  
  Note : to install, copy the files of the package onto your PocketPC device, where your project has been installed.  
CSB-4 product flyer
c01d100-ab.pdf AB 203 kb
CSB-4S datasheet
pftd010-ad.pdf AD 268 kb
CSB-4S datasheet
pftd011-ab.pdf AB 270 kb
Driver (virtual comm. port) for CSB4 family
sdd100-da.exe DA 1676 kb
sdd100-ca.exe CA 1618 kb
sdd100-bc.exe BC 1558 kb
sdd100-bb.exe BB 1481 kb
sdd100-ba.exe BA 1497 kb
sdd100-aa.exe AA 1052 kb
  Note : This is only a re-packaging of FTDI's Combined Driver Model (CDM v2) with SpringCard's product IDs  
Driver for CSB4 family: installation guide
pmi8f1p-ab.pdf AB 391 kb
pmi8f1p-aa.pdf AA 564 kb
CSB4 product information sheet
pfl8t6p-ba.pdf BA 1540 kb
pfl8t6p-ae.pdf AE 254 kb
pfl8t6p-ac.pdf AC 238 kb
pfl8t6p-ab.pdf AB 237 kb
pfl8t6p-aa.pdf AA 254 kb
CSB Quickstart and USB driver installation
pnad101-ad.pdf AD 429 kb
FunkyGate IP PC/SC QuickStart Guide
pmu18296-aa.pdf AA 1738 kb
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