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SpringCard-CF product flyer
c01d000-ab-fr.pdf AB-FR 365 kb
c01d000-ab-en.pdf AB-EN 364 kb
SpringCard-CF product information sheet
pfl8t9p-ab.pdf AB 577 kb
pfl8t9p-aa.pdf AA 536 kb
SpringCard-WAP datasheet
pftc021-ab.pdf AB 72 kb
SpringCard-WAP product flyer
c01c1b0-aa.pdf AA 522 kb
SpringCard-WAP product information sheet
pfl80yp-ac.pdf AC 361 kb
pfl80yp-ab.pdf AB 251 kb
pfl80yp-aa.pdf AA 242 kb
SpringProx-CF and SpringProx-CFUP product information sheet
pfl8u0p-ba.pdf BA 164 kb
pfl8u0p-ab.pdf AB 231 kb
pfl8u0p-aa.pdf AA 183 kb
SpringProx-CF datasheet
pftc040-ac.pdf AC 323 kb
SpringProx-CF-UP datasheet
pftc0b1-ad.pdf AD 86 kb
SpringProx-RC & Bio-RC product flyer
c01c001-ab.pdf AB 152 kb
SpringProx-RC datasheet
pftc171-ad.pdf AD 446 kb
SpringProx-RC product information sheet
pfl80gp-ac.pdf AC 566 kb
pfl80gp-ab.pdf AB 587 kb
SpringProx-SD datasheet
pftc1001-ae.pdf AE 305 kb
springprox.dll for SoMo655 supporting 6E2 & 6P2
SpringProxBio-RC datasheet
pftc1501-ag.pdf AG 400 kb
SpringProxBio-RC demonstration movie
c05c150.wmv 3953 kb
SpringProxBio-RC product information sheet
pfl80hp-ab.pdf AB 413 kb
SpringWAP : Windows CE 5 USB driver
sd8f0p-ab.exe AB 114 kb AB 229 kb
sd8f0p-aa.exe AA 114 kb AA 228 kb
  Note: Use the .exe file for installation through ActiveSync. Use the .cab file for a direct installation in the handheld.
SpringWAP product information sheet
pfl8r1p-ac.pdf AC 1284 kb
pfl8r1p-ab.pdf AB 718 kb
pfl8r1p-aa.pdf AA 742 kb
SRK-K531 datasheet
pftd2501-af.pdf AF 498 kb
TDS Recon documentation
tdsreconbrochure.pdf 499 kb
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