How did we help Xenon 54 nv with the Share@Work solution ?

Our partner

Xenon54 nv is a solution development company mainly focussed on helping project oriented companies to work more efficiently in terms of time and resources.

They developed Share@Work, a solution for construction companies. This solution allows among other services to control the physical access to construction sites. Springcard devices are used to enforce the security layer of the Share@Work solution.

The Share@Work solution

Share@Work was developed by Xenon 54 nv to prevent unauthorized workers entering on construction sites.

This access control solution includes softwares controlling and identificating the people who can and can’t enter the construction sites.

Different types of information needed to be taken into account by the Share@Work solution: the expiration dates of authorizations, but also all the information regarding quality check. These data are important data processed by the Share@Work solution.

Xenon54 nv needed a product able to identify, manage data and provide a high level of security, that is why they choose our FunkyGate IP POE NFC for their solution.


The challenges

The main challenges faced by Xenon54 nv during the development of Share@Work was to provide a high level of security and control of the entries of construction sites. Another challenge was to handle data and process them in an easy and secure way.

Finally the reader integrated to Share@Work should also be able to read special “Construbadge”’ cards. These cards are used mainly by Belgian construction companies so it was important that Share@Work could read them.

If you want more information on these cards click here.


The reasons why Xenon 54 choose us

Xenon 54 nv has chosen SpringCard for this solution because of the quality of the FunkyGate. This reader was fulfilling all of their requirements. The possibility to have custom build bios when necessary was also something that Xenon 54 nv was interested in.

Xenon54 nv also needed a reader that was POE and IP at the same time, that’s also why they chose SpringCard and the FunkyGate IP POE NFC. 

If you want more information on the share@Work solution visit this web site.


Published on 01/17/2018

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