H663-USB/232 Coupler (OEM)

H663-USB/232 Coupler (OEM)

USB interface & PC/SC contactless reader (coupling device), on antenna

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The SpringCard H663-USB module is designed to be the core of a 13.56MHz reader/writer communicating with a host (computer or embedded system) supporting the PC/SC standard. The speed of the USB interface coupled with the high rate of the ISO 14443 standard enables the H663-USB to reach the best transaction speed.


To help you, we wrote an introduction to PC/SC.
If you start, our pack of tools ​Quickstart for PC/SC will also be useful.

Here is a presentation of the H663 USB module in video.


  • PC/SC USB driver for Windows, Linux and other Unix (including macOS X)
  • Directly powered by USB (JST SHR-5 industrial connector) CCID standard
  • 69x45mm, thickness < 20mm
  • 2 anni
  • RoHS & WEEE compliant (environmental protection)