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The Stadline Group is a company operating in software publishing in the sport area.

Resamania is a management software for fitness clubs located in the Cloud.


Resamania project

This software allows fitness club managers to deal with subscriptions, receipts, crossings, as well as CRM and customer files.

Data regarding crossings managed by Resamania are linked to our products FunkyGate DW RDR.

They ensure controlled access to rooms related to Resamania. These FunkyGate DW RDR are installed in several clubs among the 1300 clubs equipped by Resamania in France.

Because the FunkyGate DW RDR are robust they are used to control the main access door outside fitness clubs, parking access barriers but also in some cases the shower uses.

In their indoor use, the FunkyGate DW RDR are able to control the turnstile at the entrance of clubs, the changing room door or the drinks dispenser.


Project challenges

The main challenge of this project is security, access security as well as financial security.

Access security is ensured by the FunkyGate but also by our Prox’n Roll RFID Scanner used in order to let enter only the customer that have cards.

Thanks to these readers the UID of the membership card is allocated to a customer file and if this customer didn’t pay his access to the club will be blocked.


Why the Stadline group choose us ?

The Stadline group choose our product for this project because they were looking for a provider of contactless solutions in order to achieve this project.

We have worked with the Stadline group after this for their software Golf Extraclub, FunkyGate readers equip 60 balls dispensers.  

Since the implementation of these products in their management tools they became loyal customers of our FunkyGate and Prox’n Roll solutions. In some fitness clubs it’s more than 5 FunkyGate readers that are used to manage the different access points.


We thank the Stadline group for their trust and we hope to continue helping them to achieve their projects.

Go visit their website : http://www.resamania.fr/

Published on 05/16/2018

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