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Filename Version Upload date Size
FunkyGate DW 3D
[edd18356-aa] AA 2144 kb
Puck One Product Leaflet
[pfl22016-aa]_puck_one_product_leaflet_EN.pdf AA 5879 kb
Puck One Fiche Produit
[pfl22011-ab]_puck_one_fiche_produit_FR.pdf AB 5789 kb
[pfl22011-aa]_puck_one_fiche_produit_FR.pdf AA 5790 kb
Integration and Configuration Guide
[pma13257-da]_nfc_integration_and_configuration_guide_EN.pdf DA 479 kb
[pma13257-da]_integration_and_configuration_guide_EN.pdf DA 479 kb
pma13257-ca.pdf CA 518 kb
pma13257-ba.pdf BA 497 kb
pma13257-aa.pdf AA 484 kb
Puck Base Product Leaflet
[pfl20227-ac]_puck_base_product_leaflet_EN.pdf AC 5149 kb
[pfl20227-ab]_product_leaflet_EN.pdf AB 5149 kb
[pfl20227-aa]_puck_base_leaflet_en.pdf AA 1109 kb
Puck Base Fiche Produit
[pfl20226-ad]_puck_base_fiche_produit_FR.pdf AD 5114 kb
[pfl20226-ac]_puck_base_fiche_produit_FR.pdf AC 5114 kb
[pfl20226-ab]_puck_base_fiche_produit_FR.pdf AB 5115 kb
[pfl20226-aa]_puck_base_leaflet_fr.pdf AA 2790 kb
K663 Hardware Integration Guide
[pna13173-ac]_k663_hardware_integration_guide_EN.pdf AC 1507 kb
[pna13173-ac]_hardware_integration_guide_EN.pdf AC 1507 kb
[pna13173-ab]_k663_hardware_integration_guide_EN.pdf AB 1539 kb
pna13173-ab.pdf AB 1539 kb
pna13173-aa.pdf AA 1101 kb
sg21196-2110.exe 2110 3389 kb
  SCardSniffer2 is a "spy" that monitors the exchanges between a PC/SC application and a smart card  
K663S-xxx Test report
[etc21133-aa]_test_report_EN.pdf AA 2088 kb
Certificate of RCTIF V5 0 accreditation
[etc21062-aa]_certificate_of_rctif_v5_0_accreditation_EN.pdf AA 124 kb
Declaration of Conformity
[pcq21017-aa]_declaration_of_conformity_EN.pdf AA 96 kb
SpringPark SD Product Leaflet En
[pmu21015-aa]_springpark_sd_product_leaflet_en_EN.pdf AA 2099 kb
SpringPark SD Fiche Produit Fr
[pmu21016-aa]_springpark_sd_fiche_produit_fr_FR.pdf AA 2100 kb
Prox'N'Drive Fiche Produit
[pmu21014-ac]_fiche_produit_EN.pdf AC 530 kb
Puck Base product leaflet En
[pfl20227-ac]_puck_base_product_leaflet_EN.pdf AC 5149 kb
[pfl20227-ab]_product_leaflet_EN.pdf AB 5149 kb
[pfl20227-aa]_puck_base_leaflet_en.pdf AA 1109 kb
USB List
usblist-2001.exe 2001 585 kb
usblist-2001-setup.exe 2001-SETUP 585 kb
usblist-1911.exe 1911 585 kb
usblist-1911-setup.exe 1911-SETUP 585 kb
E663S module 3D AB 767 kb
  SRT file for 3D hardware integration  
TwistyWriter-IP CPU & POE additional Board 3D AC 2917 kb
  SRT File for 3D hardware integration  
TwistyWriter-IP CPU board 3D AC 2174 kb
  SRT file for hardware 3D integration  
TwistyWriter-IP POE additional board 3D AD 702 kb
  Srt file for 3D hardware integration