13.56MHz RFID & NFC antennas

13.56MHz RFID & NFC antennas

Off the shelf and tailored antennas

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In any RFID/NFC system, choosing the perfect antenna could be challenging! Improved operating distances, convenient form factor to enhance the user experience with NFC mobile phones, with or without a ferrite shield depending on environments... SpringCard offers a wide range of antennas to match your requirements.

Our off the shelf antennas

All of the Symmetric antennas can be used with our reader TwistyWriter HSP PC/SC.

Symmetric 69x45mm / approx. 27,16x17,72in (ref. SC14358)

Symmetric 20x85mm / approx. 7,87x33,46in ((ref. SC14360)

Symmetric 102x102mm / approx. 40,16x40,16in (ref. SC14359)

Symmetric 146x78mm / approx. 57,48x30,71in (ref. SC15387)

The asymmetric antenna is used with the CrazyWriter HSP PC/SC

Asymmetric 69x45mm / approx. 27,16x17,72in (ref. SC0263) 

If you don’t find the ideal antenna for your project in our portfolio, our engineers will design the specific antenna or complete solution to fit your project. Please feel free to contact us!