How SpringCard was able to support AFCare and Doctolib in a mobility solution for healthcare professionals.

Our client

Our client François Sendra, Co-founder of AFCare start-up in 2017; a company that supports software publishers for self-employed health professionals (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) who wish to develop their mobility project linked to SESAM-Vitale.

In a project carried out for Doctolib, AFCare turn to SpringCard to design a PC/SC and Bluetooth smart card reader, responding to use and security issues, whose intelligence is driven by a mobile application under iOS and Android.


The main challenges for AFCare were to meet the different use and security requirements of healthcare professionals, namely:
- a two-slot reader that can read vital cards as well as CPS cards,
- a reader that can work with USB and Bluetooth,
- a small light reader, easy to carry with as much autonomy as possible,
- a secure reader for the encryption of BLE data.
- an approved reader that meets the security needs of GIE SESAM-Vitale.

The DoctoReader

It's a close collaboration with our R&D office that the reader was tailored and tested in its environment for several months until arriving at a perfectly adapted solution.
Once these steps have been completed, the DoctoReader has been designed to meet the Doctolib product guideline.

The reader is now used by nearly 600 healthcare professionals, who are equipped at the same time, in the office in PC/SC mode, but also and above all, on mobility thanks to its BLE mode, for general practitioners who carry out home visits.

For more than a year after its commercialization, the feedback from doctors has been very positive, no correction has been necessary either at the electronic level or at the firmware level.
According to François Sendra: “The forecasts are on the rise for 2022 and 2023, with the strategy of extending the DoctoReader network to physiotherapists and nurses.”

The proof of a project smoothly carried out by the Doctolib, AFCare and SpringCard teams.

The reasons why AFCare trusted us

AFCare turned to SpringCard for its expertise of more than 20 years in the design of electronic products and for the quality of its services.
From the first exchanges with the design office team, François Sendra tells how the SpringCard teams were able to adapt and meet problems of a tailor-made product: “A professional deliverable approach while being agile on the project development.”

Very happy with his customer experience, he knows that he can count on SpringCard for his projects with Doctolib, “with eyes closed”, he says.
AFCare has been acquired by Doctolib by now. SpringCard continues to collaborate with its loyal partner François Sendra, himself Director of Hardware Engineering at Doctolib.

Doctolib, an admired and respected company

Doctolib achieves the best performance of the entire ranking for the most admired companies by the French people. Decorated by the President of the Republic, Stanislas Niox-Château, the founder of Doctolib, receives the medal of the Legion of Honor; proof of a company respected for the success of its services and the work of its teams during the health crisis.

François Sendra expresses his satisfaction as a member of the Doctolib company: “It is a source of pride to belong to a company that changes people's lives. Without Doctolib, we would not have this simple access to health and health professionals”.

Acknowledgements: François Sendra, Director of Hardware Engineering at Doctolib.

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