SpringCard QuickStart for PC/SC

The SpringCard QuickStart for PC/SC provides a handful of softwares for Windows to get started in no time and without development with SpringCard coupling devices. The applications are designed to be used with popular contactless cards and NFC Tags.

NB: Source code for all sofwares of the SpringCard QuickStart for PC/SC is available free of charge. The licence allows you to use the software or to develop your own ones based on the supplied source code, provided that you use a genuine SpringCard coupling device.

PC/SC Diagnostic

The PC/SC Diagnostic application is a handy tool to check the installation of the readers, and to perform 'quick and dirty' tests in no time.

PC/SC Scriptor

The PC/SC Scriptor application let you send several commands (APDUs) to a smart card, either manually or by loading a 'script' file. To know more about PC/SC Scriptor watch this video.

MemoryCard Tool

MemoryCard Tool is a model program to help you explore the memory of a card.
It gives you access to the blocks or pages of popular chips, including NXP Mifare Classic, NXP Mifare UltraLight.

Please find here a tip for junior developers.

NFCTags Tool

NFCTags Tool is an easy solution to create Tags compliant with NFC Forum specifications related to Windows.
It is also able to read existing Tags, either in order to discover their data or just to test a writing.