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D600 Fiche Technique
[pft18020-aa]_fiche-technique-d600-fr.pdf AA 696 kb
TwistyWriter Hardware Integration Guide
[pna17320-ac]twistywriter-integration-guide.pdf AC 2459 kb
Antenna Integration Guide
pmi9c2p-ba.pdf BA 1550 kb
Twist'N'Blue Hardware Integration Guide
[pna17045-aa]_twistnblue-hardware-integration-guide.pdf AA 263 kb
  SpringCard Twist’N’Blue is an OEM BLE-to-PC interface board. It has been created to prototype, experiment and benchmark Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications. This document provides all necessary information to perform the physical integration of the Twist’N’Blue OEM board in your system. Be aware that, as a versatile development board, the Twist’N’Blue may run a significant number of different firmwares, each of them leading to a different software integration. Therefore, the software integration as well as the configuration of the device, are out of the scope of this document, and are covered by a specific integration manual accompanying every firmware.  
FunkyGate Special Instructions
[pna17271-aa]_funkygate-special-instructions.pdf AA 284 kb
pna17271-aa.pdf AA 284 kb
Company brochure - 2017
[cfs15306-ab]_springcard.pdf AB 2243 kb
Twist'N'Blue - BLE solutions
[csl15408-ac]_twistnblue-ble-solutions.pdf AC 334 kb
  Springblue is a new family of solutions designed by Springcard from Bluetooth Low Energy. Smartphones that don't feature an NFC interface can also be used for contactless identification. SpringCard's BLE expertise is based on Twist'N'Blue, a ready-to-use module enabling any software development. Twist'N'Blue is avaiblable with RS232, RS485 and USB interfaces The Springblue approach opens the door to a wide range of applications. The following slides describe the 5 modes that we have developed and that can be adapted to your special use case. We are here to help you find out which mode suits you the best.  
[sn16312-1609] 1609 27784 kb
  Winscard.dll spy  
SpringCard’s RFID & NFC Antennas
cfs16241-aa.pdf AA 553 kb
sn15119-1606.exe 1606 834 kb
Windows PC/SC Driver for Network couplers (old version)
sd15424-2001.exe 2001 2511 kb
sd15424-1603.exe 1603 4003 kb
sd15424-1601.exe 1601 3987 kb
  Windows PC/SC driver for SpringCard Network couplers Compatible from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (32 & 64 bits)  
  Note: NB: This driver is no longer maintained and has been replaced by Windows PC/SC Bridge, universal driver for Network & BLE couplers. Please download SD20191 setup.  
Prox'N'Roll HSP PC/SC
pfl16011-ac.pdf AC 959 kb
pfl16011-ab.pdf AB 909 kb
pfl16011-aa.pdf AA 909 kb
Prox'N'Roll RFID Scanner HSP
pfl16007-ad.pdf AD 1333 kb
pfl16007-ac.pdf AC 1313 kb
pfl16007-ab.pdf AB 1314 kb
pfl16007-aa.pdf AA 917 kb
‘E’ Series : Network PC/SC Contactless Couplers
[pfl16089-ab]_e-series-network-pc-sc-contactless-couplers-leaflet.pdf AB 2577 kb
pfl16089-ab.pdf AB 2576 kb
pfl16089-aa.pdf AA 2572 kb
Cards & NFC Tags
cfs15241-aa.pdf AA 664 kb
Accessories portfolio
[cfs15397-ab]_accessories-portfolio.pdf AB 3429 kb
cfs15397-ac.pdf AC 3308 kb
SDK for RDR 150505 62554 kb
  SDK for all RDR products (FunkyGate-IP NFC, FunkyGate-DW NFC)  
CCID over Serial and CCID over TCP implementations
[pmd15282-bb]_zero-driver-ccid-low-level-implementation.pdf BB 440 kb
pmd15282-aa.pdf AA 407 kb
Using SpringCard PC/SC couplers with Android
pmd15240-aa.pdf AA 587 kb
'K' Series OEM Serial Contactless Couplers leaflet
[pfl15108-ab]_oem-serial-couplers.pdf AB 5069 kb
pfl15108-ab.pdf AB 5069 kb
pfl15108-aa.pdf AA 5273 kb
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