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Filename Version Upload date Size
K663 series product leaflet
pfl2251-ab.pdf AB 450 kb
pfl2251-aa.pdf AA 633 kb
CSB6 Developer's reference manual
pmd841p-fb.pdf FB 578 kb
pmd841p-fa.pdf FA 560 kb
pmd841p-ea.pdf EA 1610 kb
pmd841p-db.pdf DB 1036 kb
pmd841p-da.pdf DA 583 kb
pmd841p-ce.pdf CE 546 kb
pmd841p-cc.pdf CC 392 kb
pmd841p-cb.pdf CB 390 kb
pmd841p-ca.pdf CA 390 kb
pmd841p-ba.pdf BA 275 kb
pmd841p-ac.pdf AC 315 kb
Developing a scriptable PC/SC applet in Java
pmd0160-aa.pdf AA 391 kb
CrazyWriter LT product leaflet
pfl2248-aa.pdf AA 600 kb
CSB HSP product leaflet
pfl1104-ab.pdf AB 401 kb
CrazyWriter HSP product leaflet
pfl0166-ba.pdf BA 1610 kb
pfl0166-ad.pdf AD 342 kb
pfl0166-ac.pdf AC 341 kb
pfl0166-ab.pdf AB 435 kb
CSB6 product information sheet
pfl8t7p-ad.pdf AD 133 kb
pfl8t7p-ac.pdf AC 121 kb
pfl8t7p-ab.pdf AB 514 kb
pfl8t7p-aa.pdf AA 514 kb
PC/SC driver for Windows (old version)
sdd480-bb.exe BB 3863 kb
sdd480-ac.exe AC 596 kb
sdd480-aa.exe AA 588 kb
  Windows PC/SC driver for SpringCard USB CCID (Prox'N'Roll, CrazyWriter, EasyFinger, CSB6...) Please use new driver: sd16055  
  Note: Products without SAM nor contact slot (like Prox'N'Roll) could be used with Microsoft's CCID driver (shipped with Windows or available on Windows Update). Only our driver gives access to the SAM or contact slots of the other products.  
NFC SDK for PC/SC Getting Started Guide
pmd2228-aa.pdf AA 548 kb
H663 series product leaflet
pfl2139-ac.pdf AC 478 kb
pfl2139-ab.pdf AB 620 kb
pfl2139-aa.pdf AA 350 kb
SDK SpringProx API (CSB Legacy, K531/K632)
  SDK for CSB Legacy and K531/K632 for PC targets (Windows/Linux/others)  
SDK for SpringProx-CF and SpringProx-CF-UP 1-50 6810 kb
springprox-ppc-sdk_1-46.exe 1-46 6333 kb
springprox-ppc-sdk_1-42.exe 1-42 5985 kb
springprox-ppc-sdk_1-34.exe 1-34 7557 kb
springprox-ppc-sdk_1-21.exe 1-21 7981 kb
  SDK for mobile products : SpringProx-CF, SpringProx-RC, SpringWAP...  
SpringProx couplers Developer's Guide
pmde051-dd.pdf DD 515 kb
pmde051-dc.pdf DC 514 kb
pmde051-db.pdf DB 510 kb
pmde051-cc.pdf CC 1528 kb
pmde051-ca.pdf CA 867 kb
SpringProx product flyer
c01c000-ab.pdf AB 452 kb
QuickStart for CSB4, K632, K663, Prox'N'Drive...
sq85gp-aa.exe AA 2262 kb
  Demonstration software to start working with CSB4 family and products based on the K632 or K663 cores. Use this to configure and diagnostic CSB connection.  
  Note: This package comes without drivers ! For USB products, you must install appropriate USB driver before this package.  
QuickStart for SpringCard (PocketPC)
springcard-quickstart_ppc_arm_1-14.exe 1-14 64 kb
springcard-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-20.exe 1-20 196 kb
springcard-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-16.exe 1-16 124 kb
springcard-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-14.exe 1-14 152 kb
  Demonstration software to start working with SpringCard products on PocketPC  
  Note: Use ActiveSync to install this package on your PocketPC  
QuickStart for SpringProx (PocketPC)
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-50.exe 1-50 470 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-41.exe 1-41 324 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-35.exe 1-35 120 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc_armv4_1-21.exe 1-21 192 kb
springprox-quickstart_ppc2002_arm_1-21.exe 1-21 84 kb
  Demonstration software to start working with SpringProx products on PocketPC  
  Note: Use ActiveSync to install this package on your PocketPC  
RDR reference manual
pma959p-cb.pdf CB 676 kb
pma959p-ab.pdf AB 648 kb
pma959p-aa.pdf AA 640 kb
SDK BIO for EasyFinger
sq9415-aa.exe AA 3397 kb
  FingerTK for EasyFinger sample application, with sources (C# .NET, VS2005 project) and documents  
  Note: You must install the required drivers before using this SDK : driver SD8D5P for Sagem MorphoSmart and depending on EasyFinger's configuration, PC/SC driver SDD480 or Legacy driver SDD470  
SDK SpringCard PocketPC 1-20 1123 kb
springcard-sdk_1-17.exe 1-17 5409 kb
springcard-sdk_1-16.exe 1-16 1545 kb
springcard-sdk_1-15.exe 1-15 1349 kb
springcard-sdk_1-11.exe 1-11 2517 kb
springcard-sdk_1-10.exe 1-10 2245 kb
  SDK for mobile products : SpringCard-CF, SpringCard-WAP...  
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