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[pcq18275-ab]_h663-usb-ce.pdf AB 72 kb
[pcq18275-aa]_h663-usb-ce.pdf AA 401 kb
Prox'N'Roll HSP (PC/SC & RFID Scanner) CE FCC
[pcq16345-aa]_certificats-de-conformits.pdf AA 599 kb
[pcq16345-aa]_certificats-de-conformite.pdf AA 599 kb
K663 TTL, 232, 485 CE
K663 RoHS
[pcq13184-aa]_rohs-k663s-en.pdf AA 56 kb
FunkyGate FCC
[etc17389-aa]_fcc-grant-tyq-fgpoe01-dxx.pdf AA 113 kb
CrazyWriter Reach
[pcq2027-aa]_cw-reach-en.pdf AA 53 kb
CrazyWriter RoHS
[qfm9151-aa]_cw-conformite-rohs-ier.pdf AA 88 kb
CrazyWriter CE
[pcq9146-aa]_cw-conformite-ce-ier.pdf AA 89 kb
Prox'N'Drive CE
[pcq18186-aa]_certificat-conformits-proxndrive.pdf AA 71 kb
[pcq18186-aa]_certificat-conformite-proxndrive.pdf AA 71 kb
Prox'N'Roll HSP PC/SC Product Leaflet [FR]
pfl18260-aa.pdf AA 676 kb
Prox'N'Drive Product Leaflet [FR]
[pfl18259-ac]_proxndrive-product-leaflet-fr.pdf AC 504 kb
[pfl18259-ac]_prox39n-drive-product-leaflet-fr.pdf AC 504 kb
[pfl18259-ab]_proxndrive-product-leaflet-fr.pdf AB 532 kb
[pfl18259-ab]_prox39n-drive-product-leaflet-fr.pdf AB 532 kb
pfl18259-ca.pdf CA 571 kb
pfl18259-be.pdf BE 571 kb
pfl18259-bd.pdf BD 571 kb
pfl18259-bc.pdf BC 575 kb
pfl18259-bb.pdf BB 562 kb
pfl18259-ba.pdf BA 560 kb
pfl18259-ae.pdf AE 559 kb
pfl18259-ad.pdf AD 507 kb
pfl18259-aa.pdf AA 742 kb
pft18147-ab.pdf AB 325 kb
pft18147-aa.pdf AA 284 kb
RFID, Contactless cards, NFC
[csl17392-aa]_rfid-contactless-cards-nfc.pdf AA 1980 kb
[csl17392-aa]_rfid-cartes-sans-contact-nfc.pdf AA 2172 kb
User Guide D600
[pmu18021-aa]_userguide-d600.pdf AA 1800 kb
D600 Technical Informations
[pft18019-aa]_fiche-technique-d600-en.pdf AA 804 kb
D600 Fiche Technique
[pft18020-aa]_fiche-technique-d600-fr.pdf AA 696 kb
TwistyWriter Hardware Integration Guide
Antenna Integration Guide
pmi9c2p-ba.pdf BA 1550 kb
Twist'N'Blue Hardware Integration Guide
[pna17045-aa]_twistnblue-hardware-integration-guide.pdf AA 263 kb
  SpringCard Twist’N’Blue is an OEM BLE-to-PC interface board. It has been created to prototype, experiment and benchmark Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications. This document provides all necessary information to perform the physical integration of the Twist’N’Blue OEM board in your system. Be aware that, as a versatile development board, the Twist’N’Blue may run a significant number of different firmwares, each of them leading to a different software integration. Therefore, the software integration as well as the configuration of the device, are out of the scope of this document, and are covered by a specific integration manual accompanying every firmware.  
FunkyGate Special Instructions
[pna17271-aa]_funkygate-special-instructions.pdf AA 284 kb
pna17271-aa.pdf AA 284 kb
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