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K632 product information sheet
pfl81tp-af.pdf AF 377 kb
pfl81tp-ac.pdf AC 435 kb
pfl81tp-ab.pdf AB 452 kb
pfl81tp-aa.pdf AA 425 kb
K632-232 product information sheet
pfl9230-aa.pdf AA 769 kb
K632-TTL product information sheet
pfl9231-ab.pdf AB 596 kb
pfl9231-aa.pdf AA 325 kb
K632/RDR-232 product leaflet
pfl9346-ab.pdf AB 420 kb
pfl9346-aa.pdf AA 770 kb
K632/RDR-TTL product leaflet
pfl9345-ab.pdf AB 460 kb
pfl9345-aa.pdf AA 596 kb
CSB6 product information sheet
pfl8t7p-ad.pdf AD 133 kb
pfl8t7p-ac.pdf AC 121 kb
pfl8t7p-ab.pdf AB 514 kb
pfl8t7p-aa.pdf AA 514 kb
CSB6 Developer's reference manual
pmd841p-fb.pdf FB 578 kb
pmd841p-fa.pdf FA 560 kb
pmd841p-ea.pdf EA 1610 kb
pmd841p-db.pdf DB 1036 kb
pmd841p-da.pdf DA 583 kb
pmd841p-ce.pdf CE 546 kb
pmd841p-cc.pdf CC 392 kb
pmd841p-cb.pdf CB 390 kb
pmd841p-ca.pdf CA 390 kb
pmd841p-ba.pdf BA 275 kb
pmd841p-ac.pdf AC 315 kb
CSB5B datasheet
pftd430-ac.pdf AC 219 kb
CSB5 datasheet
pftd300-ad.pdf AD 124 kb
CSB-4U datasheet
pftd022-ab.pdf AB 230 kb
pftd022-aa.pdf AA 230 kb
CSB-4U datasheet
pftd020-ad.pdf AD 229 kb
Automotive Reader product information sheet
pfl9352-ab.pdf AB 706 kb
pfl9352-aa.pdf AA 675 kb
Readers & RFID Scanners: Card Templates reference
[pma13205-bd]_smart-readers-and-rfid-scanners-template-system.pdf BD 446 kb
pma13205-ab.pdf AB 355 kb
pma13205-aa.pdf AA 367 kb
FunkyGate NFC (IP & DW) Installation Guide
pmi14049-ab.pdf AB 440 kb
pmi14049-aa.pdf AA 421 kb
FunkyGate NFC Product Leaflet (fr)
pfl13274-aa.pdf AA 6498 kb
FunkyGate NFC Product Leaflet (en)
pfl13276-aa.pdf AA 6496 kb
FunkyGate-DW NFC Integration and Configuration Guide
pma13292-ad.pdf AD 449 kb
pma13292-ab.pdf AB 399 kb
pma13292-aa.pdf AA 400 kb
SDK for RDR 150505 62554 kb
Company brochure - 2017
[cfs15306-ab]_springcard.pdf AB 2243 kb
FunkyGate Special Instructions
[pna17271-aa]_funkygate-special-instructions.pdf AA 284 kb
pna17271-aa.pdf AA 284 kb
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