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Filename Version Upload date Size
Prox'N'Roll RFID Scanner product information sheet
pfl8p9p-ac.pdf AC 477 kb
pfl8p9p-ab.pdf AB 494 kb
Introduction to PC/SC development
pmdz061-ae.pdf AE 336 kb
pmdz061-ad.pdf AD 308 kb
pmdz061-ac.pdf AC 290 kb
pmdz061-ab.pdf AB 568 kb
pmdz061-aa.pdf AA 473 kb
Prox'N'Roll RFID Scanner quickstart guide
pmu84op-ab.pdf AB 80 kb
pmu84op-aa.pdf AA 57 kb
CSB6 Developer's reference manual
pmd841p-fb.pdf FB 578 kb
pmd841p-fa.pdf FA 560 kb
pmd841p-ea.pdf EA 1610 kb
pmd841p-db.pdf DB 1036 kb
pmd841p-da.pdf DA 583 kb
pmd841p-ce.pdf CE 546 kb
pmd841p-cc.pdf CC 392 kb
pmd841p-cb.pdf CB 390 kb
pmd841p-ca.pdf CA 390 kb
pmd841p-ba.pdf BA 275 kb
pmd841p-ac.pdf AC 315 kb
Developing a scriptable PC/SC applet in Java
pmd0160-aa.pdf AA 391 kb
CSB6 product information sheet
pfl8t7p-ad.pdf AD 133 kb
pfl8t7p-ac.pdf AC 121 kb
pfl8t7p-ab.pdf AB 514 kb
pfl8t7p-aa.pdf AA 514 kb
PC/SC driver for Windows (outdated)
sdd480-bb.exe BB 3863 kb
sdd480-ac.exe AC 596 kb
sdd480-aa.exe AA 588 kb
  Note: Products without SAM nor contact slot (like Prox'N'Roll) could be used with Microsoft's CCID driver (shipped with Windows or available on Windows Update). Only our driver gives access to the SAM or contact slots of the other products.
QuickStart for PC/SC
sq13163-1902.exe 1902 2891 kb
sq13163-1701.exe 1701 1365 kb
sq13163-1406.exe 1406 2105 kb
sq13163-ab.exe AB 1858 kb
sq13163-aa.exe AA 1736 kb
  Note: This package comes without drivers ! You must install appropriate PC/SC USB driver before this package.
Automotive Reader product information sheet
pfl9352-ab.pdf AB 706 kb
pfl9352-aa.pdf AA 675 kb
CSB Quickstart and USB driver installation
pnad101-ad.pdf AD 429 kb
CSB-4 product flyer
c01d100-ab.pdf AB 203 kb
CSB-4S datasheet
pftd010-ad.pdf AD 268 kb
CSB-4S datasheet
pftd011-ab.pdf AB 270 kb
CSB-4U datasheet
pftd020-ad.pdf AD 229 kb
CSB-4U datasheet
pftd022-ab.pdf AB 230 kb
pftd022-aa.pdf AA 230 kb
Prox'N'Roll RFID Scanner OEM datasheet
pft1147-ac.pdf AC 909 kb
pft1147-ab.pdf AB 832 kb
Prox'N'Roll PC/SC OEM datasheet
pfl2058-ac.pdf AC 859 kb
pfl2058-ab.pdf AB 1520 kb
Driver (virtual comm. port) for CSB4 family
sdd100-da.exe DA 1676 kb
sdd100-ca.exe CA 1618 kb
sdd100-bc.exe BC 1558 kb
sdd100-bb.exe BB 1481 kb
sdd100-ba.exe BA 1497 kb
sdd100-aa.exe AA 1052 kb
  Note: This is only a re-packaging of FTDI's Combined Driver Model (CDM v2) with SpringCard's product IDs
Driver for CSB4 family: installation guide
pmi8f1p-ab.pdf AB 391 kb
pmi8f1p-aa.pdf AA 564 kb
CSB4 product information sheet
pfl8t6p-ba.pdf BA 1540 kb
pfl8t6p-ae.pdf AE 254 kb
pfl8t6p-ac.pdf AC 238 kb
pfl8t6p-ab.pdf AB 237 kb
pfl8t6p-aa.pdf AA 254 kb

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