TwistyWriter HSP PC/SC (OEM)

TwistyWriter HSP PC/SC (OEM)

Multi-interfaces USB & PC/SC contactless reader (coupling device), remote antenna

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The SpringCard TwistyWriter HSP module fits for being added to any system with a USB host port and supporting PC/SC standard. It is a contactless reader/writer including a mini-SIM size SAM card slot (ID-000 / 2FF size).
The speed of the USB interface combined to the high rate of the ISO 14443 standard enable the module to reach the best transaction speed.

The module must be associated with a symmetric (balanced) antenna depending on your size constraints and on the type of tag to support. Have a look in our antennas portfolio or ask for a custom-made one. Your SpringCard contact will also guide you to the ribbon cable you need.


To help you, we wrote an introduction to PC/SC.
If you start, our pack of tools ​Quickstart for PC/SC will also be useful.

Here is the presentation of the TwistyWriter HSP in video.



  • PC/SC USB driver for Windows, Linux and other Unix (including macOS X)
  • Directly powered by USB (JST SHR-5 industrial connector + classical mini-B USB connector)
  • Custom antenna possible
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • RoHS & WEEE compliant (environmental protection)