A new packaging for our Prox’N’Roll

Our Prox’N’Roll is a versatile reader that is apart from the other devices we design because of its round shape.

When SpringCard teams were working on building the base of its image, the packaging aimed at positioning the product, distinguishing it, seducing the customer, as a complement to its intrinsic quality.

As now the sales figures are growing, rationalizing and improving the process is required. The Prox’N’Roll packaging has then changed.


Previoulsy the packaging was in metal that offered a good solution in terms of cost and product positioning.

As the economic context is not propitious for supplying regularly this stuff anymore, it became more difficult to meet our clients needs. It was then important to change the packaging and choose another stuff which should be local and easily available.

The time for thinking over the Prox’N’Roll packaging in order to improve our logistics processes was coming.

Our approach

We called a packaging designer to guide us towards the best solution. We rapidly choose an eco-friendly stuff: certified Forest Stewardship Council cardboard.

The main points to think of were about colours, images and information to print on to reach the best cost-look ratio. The previous round shape led to a waste of storage space. The shape then became almost a square. The space around the reader was reduced to the minimum.

The results

  • The shipment costs are reduced thanks to a reduced weight
  • The space storage is maximized
  • Finding the device is quicker when stored
  • The supply chain is more efficient
  • The stocktaking is easier thanks to more visible labels
  • Our clients are better guided to get started with the reader: once the box is opened, the customer finds easily where to find information to use the reader


Published on 3/17/2017

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