H663/RDR-USB Reader

H663/RDR-USB Reader

OEM USB smart reader

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The H663/RDR USB module is a smart reader that reads proximity cards, NFC tags or HF RFID labels as simply as a bar code.

This module is a ready-to-use reader, featuring a H663 core module, running the /RDR firmware (same as Prox'N'Roll HSP RFID Scanner) and mounted on a 69x45mm antenna.
It is small and able to communicate with smart cards and compliant tags up to 10cm.

Once you configure the H663/RDR USB module to reach precise cards data (number or text), whether a protocol serial number (UID), field contents or securized file they are, the module is then stand-alone to do it: the computer receives data as if someone would type it on a keyboard. The computer sees the module as if it were a standard USB keyboard. So, no need to install any driver. Moreover, already installed applications commonly run without changing: just put the cursor in the input field you want to see data arriving!

Alternatively, it could be configured as a virtual communication port, with drivers for Windows and Linux. A very simple protocol makes it easy to add support in virtually any application.

Here is a presentation of the H663 RDR USB module in video. 


  • No driver to install, no specific development to do
  • Supports up to 4 reading templates simultaneously
  • Directly powered by USB, cable included
  • High luminosity LEDs - buzzer
  • To be set up with Windows software (MultiConf) or securised master badge
  • 2-year limited warranty
Supported cards/tags/labels
  • ASK CTS256/CTS512
  • ATMEL CryptoRF
  • Calypso (CD97, CD21, GTML, etc), Innovatron radio protocol "14443 B'"
  • FeliCa Lite, Lite-S (NFC Forum T3T)
  • HID iClass, Inside PicoTag (UID only)
  • Infineon SLE66 family
  • Innovision Jewel, Topaz (NFC Forum T1T)
  • NXP Mifare UltraLight, NTAG (NFC Forum T2T), Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, Desfire, SmartMX...
  • NXP ICODE-SLI family
  • Texas Instrument my-d proximity
  • Texas Instrument my-d vicinity
  • ST MicroElectronics SR, SRI, SRIX families
  • ST MicroElectronics LR family
  • Thinfilm NFC Barcode
  • 4 processing templates to fetch data from the cards (UID, stored data, APDU response...)
  • Integrated
Host interface
  • USB 2.0 full-speed (12Mbit/s), compliant with USB 1.1 and 3.0
  • USB HID profile - keyboard emulation (no driver required)
  • Powered by USB (5V DC)
Firmware upgrade
  • In-field, no physical action on the device using SpringCard FUU application and Atmel USB DFU driver
  • In-field configuration using secured "master cards"
  • In-field configuration through serial link using SpringCard MultiConf application
User manuals Development manuals Hardware Integration Utilitaire

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