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The PUCK Base is an NFC/RFID USB reader with an integrated SAM AV2. This reader is compliant with the standard USB CCID. 

It could read the serial number or virtually any data from any RFID / NFC tag or contactless smartcards in the 13.56Mhz range, including popular NXP MIFARE® products.
Data are transmitted to the computer as if they were entered on the keyboard. Using a RFID chip becomes as easy as using a barcode. You don’t need to develop a PC software to collect RFID data or extract information from a contactless smartcard: the reader runs on its own without any external software. 
And it works with any desktop operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux…). All this is made possible thanks to the keyboard emulation mode, compliant with USB HID specification.

The PUCK Base is: 
- Easily configured on the field through a secured master card or SpringCard Companion software
- Able to run 4 recognition templates simultaneously. 

The PUCK Base is an efficient and versatile desktop contactless coupler. 
Thanks to its compliance with the PC/SC standard, the PUCK Base hides all technical specificities of contactless token, ensuring a simple and straightforward implementation. A comprehensive SDK allows easy developments, in an open and interoperable scheme. SpringCard provides the PC/SC driver for Windows and uses open source PCSC-Lite stack for other platforms.