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OEM Serial and USB Contactless Couplers

SpringCard M519-SUV reader with antenna has been designed to operate either as an OEM module in our "K" series or as an OEM module in our "H" series, and is able to communicate with virtually any contactless smart card, RFID label, NFC tag or NFC smartphone compliant with one of the standard technologies in the 13.56MHz range.

When operating via USB, it is compatible with the PC/SC USB (CCID) standard. When used as a serial link, it supports up to three (03) different protocols (RS232, RS485 and TTL).

Designed with ease of use, interoperability and compliance to standards as primary objectives, SpringCard M519-SUV takes advantage of a fast CPU to ensure short transaction times, a key feature when it comes to card reading or issuing in-the-field.

SpringCard M519-SUV also features a protected storage for secret and private cryptographic keys, and is able to run secure transactions protected by AES or ECC schemes with contactless cards and NFC smartphones.

Made for OEM

M519-SUV are designed to be integrated in a larger equipment: automated vending machine, POS, turnstyle at a gate, card printer, card issuing machine, kiosk…

Thanks to the widely adopted PC/SC standard and to a strong support of market-leading technologies (MIFARE, NFC Forum tags...), SpringCard OEM PC/SC Couplers close the gap between the ‘contact’ smart card and the contactless/RFID worlds.

Development made easy

Drivers are available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS X. SpringCard provides a free SDK as well as an efficient support service to help your developers create your solution smoothly and quickly.

Springcard Companion

Our SpringCard Companion software is also a web server accessible from companion.springcard.com. SpringCard Companion allows you to configure your PUCK in one click and store your configuration data.