A wall bracket reader for PLCs and terminals certified CEN/TS 16784 & RCTIF 5.0

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SpringPark is a 13.56 MHz contactless reader optimized for facade, public space and / or outdoor installations.

SpringPark has two parts

> The antenna that takes place on facades, controllers and terminals or on a door wall

> The electronic module that interfaces with Ethernet, USB or serial


The antenna

The SpringPark surface mount antenna is easy to install on the face of a controller or kiosk, or on a door jamb. It has 4 green LEDs and a buzzer to ensure effective interaction with the user. As an option, the front face can be personalized with a specific lexan.

# Hardened

It is suitable for outdoor environments thanks to its total waterproofness and withstands the most extreme climates. Its operating range extends from -20 ° C up to + 70 ° C and up to 100% humidity.

# Robust

Its bevelled edges and its delicacy leave little grip for vandalism. Fixing is done from the rear using 4 stainless steel studs.

# Efficient

It provides RF communication up to 5 to 12 cm depending on the type of card and is certified on the CEN / TS 16784 class A template. Its integrated ferrite allows installation on metal surfaces without disturbing the quality of the RF link.

Host Interface

  • RS-232 (-6 / +6 V)
  • 2-year limited warranty
Smart card
  • 1 ID-000 slot for SIM or SAM smartcard
  • ISO 7816 (3 and 4): 4MHz clock, supports both T=0 and T=1 protocols, up to TA1=96
Key features
  • Custom antenna possible
  • 4 LED outputs
  • 1 buzzer output
  • 4 GPIOs
  • 1 I2C master port