Electronics products conception


  • Contactless smart card / NFC / RFID interface in HF (13.56MHz),
  • Smart card to contact interface (T=0, T=1),
  • UHF RFID interface (868 / 910MHz).


  • Battery or battery systems with very low communication,
  • NFC/RFID field-fed remote systems.


  • Wireless connected objects: sensors, dataloggers or trackers, communication via LoRa, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), IEEE 802.15.4 or via NFC/ RFID, GPS/GNSS geolocation,
  • Objects directly connected to the cloud via WiFi or Ethernet, gateways field network/ IoT; MQTT and TLS on microcontroller, Amazon Web Services integration, Azure etc.


  • USB, Bluetooth and Ethernet accessories for PCs, smartphones, tablets and embedded systems.



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