Springcard's portfolio of contactless readers and accessories

SpringCard is a company that designs and produces contactless readers by combining different technologies : RFID and NFC on the 13.56 MHz carrier frequency, BlueTooth Low Energy, WiFi, PC/SC, TCP IP, USB, Cloud architectures...

You will surely find the device fitting for your project: Springcard offers ready-to-use devicescore modules for integration (OEM) and also separated antennas, contactless cards, boxes for core modules and other accessories related to our products.

All our products at a glance here.

Our brochure will give you an overview of Springcard's strengths and values. You will also find information on our about page.
You will also find demonstrations of our products on our Youtube channel.

What are the strong points of SpringCard contactless readers?

Modular products

Our products are modular: that means that a shared platform is the base of a products family. As scalable and interoperable products, they all enable a fast development for our clients.

The compatibility of our new products with previous ones is important to us. So when we announce the end of life for some of them, the new ones have increased or updated specifications but same size and interface.


In order to adapt flexibly to a huge variety of use cases, our devices are configurable to a large extent. Most of our devices can be either coupling devices or readers without being stripped down only by changing the firmware. 

If your project is specific for logical reasons or physical constraints, our off the shelf products are customizable. Whatever your project needs, SpringCard Team will listen to you, and produce finely-adapted hardware or firmware.
The flexible architecture of our products and the responsiveness of our engineers make possible to offer you a customized solution in a timely manner and at a very competitive price.

Meeting mobility uses and controlling energy consumption

SpringCard has developed a range of products dedicated to smartphones and tablets. Smart technology is just around the corner for a multitude of uses and SpringCard aims to support you through these new, exciting developments.

Sharing's caring! The increase of bike and car sharing services has led to new requirements regarding battery-life. This interest in minimising energy consumption is highly important both to us and our clients. This is why SpringCard's range of products includes readers and coupling devices that wake up only when approached by a card or NFC object.