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For many years, SpringCard has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with ITN International, the frontrunner in event services across the globe. The company provides products for a huge range of prestigious meetings and fairs, such as CTIA (smart and mobile devices) and PITTCON (laboratory science), etc. The company offers overall NFC responses to both organisors’ and attendees’needs.

Both SpringCard and ITN International have been benefiting from this relationship for years, which began around the SpringCard-Compact Flash, the only product at the time to enable the development of PDA applications running under Pocket PC.

Since those days, SpringCard’s expertise has grown and the collaboration between the two companies continues, with SpringCard being one of ITN International’s important partners. During a recent fair in Las Vegas, ITN used SpringCard’s OEM RFID&NFC USB PC/SC H663 reader in the printers that issued the badges for attendees.


The ethos of SpringCard’s department of Research and Development is of trialling, experience and mastery; years of exploring the contactless technologies to achieve the best results ensures they are experts in their field.

Each collaboration enriches SpringCard’s expertise and references. That is important when differences emerge between theory and practice. During an event, contactless technologies can be hard to combine together: communication channels intersect and deteriorate one another.

Because of SpringCard’s rich history, choosing the company for your contactless projects is a choice for success. It will be easier for you to focus on your project’s target whithout wondering about technical contactless aspects (communication speed, distance, bands, fields, channels, real-time, etc.): that is why it is necessary to rely on a specialist.


An event is a so complex to manage both in terms of people flow and services to provide: reception, security, timestamping, mobility, catering, accommodation, data flow, locker-room, etc.

NFC technology, and more broadly contactless technologies, contribute towards providing more security, facilitating mobility and exchanges. They are indeed modern technologies but much more than this: they are reliable and fieldproven technologies, bringing about simplicity in managing events. It is now so little costly to use a contactless card or a wristband associated to a chip giving access depending on authorisations that it can not be missed!

SpringCard masters all the contactless technologies: NFC, RFID, Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wifi, etc. That is why every kind of performing combines can be done to reach your goal.

Published on 05/30/2016

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