From Passion for Technology to WAKDEV

WAKDEV, a company founded by Julien Veuillet in 2014, is a software development company specializing in the design and implementation of Web and Mobile solutions.

The Beginnings of WAKDEV

Julien, passionate about new technologies and software development, left his web development job in 2014 to venture into entrepreneurship. His expertise in software development and his interest in NFC technology led him to create NFC Tools, an application aimed at making NFC chip programming accessible to everyone.

The Encounter with SpringCard

The relationship between WAKDEV and SpringCard began when our clients started using NFC Tools on PC/Mac more frequently. As a result, we contacted WAKDEV to collaborate on the compatibility of our PUCK readers.

WAKDEV aimed to offer readers compatible with NFC Tools on PC/Mac, providing their customers with high-quality, plug-and-play readers for their projects.

The contactless readers distributed by WAKDEV offer significant benefits to their customers, such as reducing data entry time, minimizing human errors, and improving operational efficiency when integrated into existing systems.


The NFC Tools Solution and Its Future

NFC Tools is a cross-platform application that simplifies the reading and writing of NFC chips. It offers a range of features, from standard record reading/writing to sending APDU commands.

It has received awards and surpassed 10 million downloads across different platforms.

WAKDEV plans to enhance its compatibility with new chips and add new features.

The Future of the WAKDEV and SpringCard Collaboration

WAKDEV intends to continue its successful collaboration with SpringCard. They are excited about exploring the new innovations that SpringCard will offer in the future, including the Tower and Florida cards, to integrate them into their offerings and continue providing cutting-edge solutions to their customers.

Passion and Accessibility

The story of WAKDEV, from its passion for NFC technology to its successful collaboration with SpringCard, illustrates the importance of innovation and the determination to make technology accessible to all.


Acknowledgements: Julien Veuillet CEO at WAKDEV


You can also find SpringCard readers at  WAKDEV

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