A NFC Access Control reader Cloud-connected

The new FunkyGates-IP NFC are now available for customers to use with the Cloud and open the doors of connected devices.

SpringCard updated their firmware (v.1.70) and added a new feature: the readers are now HttpClient. This feature enables the readers to simply and quickly send data to any web service. Wherever the service is installed -on a local server or on the other side of the world- it works like a charm!

The previous FunkyGates-IP NFC (simple NFC version and +POE NFC version) wall readers were perfect for managing access, identifying people at doors and entries, and tracing people working in a sensible or dangerous environment. Running in the Cloud, the new FunkyGates-IP NFC open new uses such as solving clocking in and off issues or problems related to traceability of persons. A FunkyGate-IP NFC connected with a staff management system using HTTP is the best and faster solution to identify workers, control the access authorizations, and know in real time where they are. Such a tool brings security to people and to data at the same time.

Security is one of our SpringCard’s strengths: a reliable and effective authentication system is used to make the server identify that the reader is the correct one and that its data is real. The readers can be implemented in many different places without a specific configuration. They interface virtually any pre-existing softwares through a simple HTTP service API entry-point.

This innovation reflects the high level of SpringCard’s expertise concerning connected devices. Focusing on the user schemes, SpringCard answers companies’ issues.

For further technical details, please read this page.

Published on 9/13/2016

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