Optimizing the reading of your tags easily !

In order to read an RFID HF tag in the best possible conditions you will have to pay attention on 3 major components:

  • The quality of the tag you are going to buy
  • The quality of the reader that you are going to buy
  • The size and shape ratio of the antennas from these two products

Tags are designed following the process described here:

The major chip manufacturer such as NXP, Infineon etc, ensure a chip of an optimal quality.

These chips are bought by a chip embedder who is in charge of associating this chip to an antenna on a support (card, keychain, inlays, etc..).

In this process there are chips that will have a more or less good quality according to the chip embedder and his know-how.

Regarding the reader, the reading quality will vary depending on its firmware, its design quality and its modulator-demodulator.

For an optimal reading, the ratio size/shape between the reader’s antenna and the chip antenna should be perfect.

A big antenna does not equals a high reading distance, the ratio of the duet of antennas (tag, reader) should be well-proportioned.

To optimise the reading of your tag, you will need to pay attention to:

  • Have a proportioned set of reader-tag antenna
  • A chip embedded carefully
  • An authentified chip


At SpringCard, we offer you the best antennas, adapted to every tag types that you would like to read.

You need some additional advices for the choice of your antenna ? You wish to design a custom antenna adapted to your needs ?

SpringCard is the partner that you need !

Contact us for your projects at sales@springcard.com


Published on 12/13/2018

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