Our partnership with Evolis

Our partner

Evolis is a company, world leader of its market, designing, manufacturing and selling a complete range of printing systems and customization solutions for plastic cards. We work together for several years.

The project

One of Evolis customers, using its products for instant issuance of credit cards, needed to renew its 70 machines.

Evolis noticed that their contact and contactless cards encoder was not manufactured anymore and looked for a new supplier for a reliable contact and contactless cards encoder.

This new card encoder, used in Evolis machines, is our CrazyWriter HSP.


Project Challenges

The challenges of this project were the admission for the EMV tests, the interoperability of this encoder with the other products and the safety of personal data.

At the first trials, the CrazyWriter HSP did not pass the EMV tests, so Evolis has contacted the R&D SpringCard team in order to find a solution. Our R&D team has created a new firmware and EMV tests were passed with success by the CrazyWriter HSP.

The new fleet of Evolis machines is composed of a CrazyWriter HSP with a new firmware.

Another challenges faced by Evolis was the interoperability between this encoder and the rest of the devices. Thanks to the PC/SC compliance of the CrazyWriter HSP, there has been no problems.

Security was also an essential aspect of the project. It is Evolis printers that ensure security especially regarding personal data.


Why did Evolis choose SpringCard ?

Evolis has chosen SpringCard’s team because we had work together on other projects. This project also needed an important expertise and know-how on various subjects such as interoperability and creation of a firmware compliant with EMV, this is why Evolis has chosen us.  

The technical support that we have provided allowed them to design the best product for their customer.

If you want more informations on Evolis, visit their website.


Published on 12/18/2018

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