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SpringCard RFID/NFC coupling devices are the gateway between your applications and contactless smart cards or NFC tags. They are both versatile -with one of the largest protocol-list in the 13.56MHz range- and optimized for transaction speed. All SpringCard's coupling devices -USB or IP- are PC/SC compliant.

In order to develop your application, you use functions of WindSCard.dll library. Once your program is completed, the application may not run perfectly and you need a piece of advice. As it is uneasy to find out what the problem is, Springcard provides its customers a new tool: SCardSniffer.
It is available at https://www.springcard.com/en/download/find/file/sn16312.

SCardSniffer aims at spying the exchanges between your application and WindSCard.dll.
There's no longer need to give SpringCard's technical support more details by sending many emails. Just log SCardSniffer's report!

For further details, please read http://tech.springcard.com/2016/scardsniffer-pcsc-spy/.

Published on 10/18/2016

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