SpringCard guides you through the world of contactless solutions

You aim at presenting quickly a demonstration or delivering your new contactless product or service within a very quick time?
Of course, you also need to be sure your system will last long. However electronic components and standards evolve rapidly. But what if environment changes or one of the essential components of your product becomes end-of-life ? These questions creates uncertainty that slows down your project whereas you have no time to lose.

To bring guidance one must perfectly know the field

SpringCard is much more than just a manufacturer of contactless readers. Its engineers guide customers in the complex world of contactless technologies: RFID, NFC, transaction, security... Many pieces of information are delivered to customers at SpringCard throughout the purchase process.

This information is the result of constant watching. Our engineers are listening to those who write standards; they follow the announcements of founders and solution providers. By analyzing the present, they can better anticipate the future.

The continuous integration

At SpringCard we follow a continuous approach.
It means that throughout the evolution cycle of each product:

  • we adapt it quickly to the new standards
  • we ensure backward compatibility of firmware versions
  • we regularly perform minor BOM updates (Bill Of Material) to obtain the best performance, the best cost, and without breaking the supply chain

The quality watch allows our engineers to offer you the same product at lower cost when manufacturing processes have been improved.

Product replacement

The replacement of a product is done when the previous one reaches its technical limits -when it is impossible to adapte it to the new standards- or is impacted by the obsolescence of an essential component.
As component supply cycles are up to two years in advance, this brings visibility and then possibility to know when products come to end-of-life.
But SpringCard engineers do not wait for the deadline and anticipate end-of-life dates.

In cases of technological leap, SpringCard engineers do their best to design a new product compatible with the previous one. Even if adaptation is necessary, we guarantee that the way to use it is similar. That allows companies to integrate the new component quickly and at a lower cost. Developers who shift product generation are each time reassured to find the same APIs and tools.

Choose SpringCard!

3 main points incite to choose SpringCard:

  • long-life components
  • consistency
  • long-term guidance to anticipate migration needs

These points will probably convince you to choose SpringCard!

Published on 11/27/17

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