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Contactless-technologies-based projects need a strong clients supportClients support as a strong point

At SpringCard, supporting our client is essential: this is why support is provided by our engineers themselves. Indeed we believe that those who design our products are also those who are the most competent to support the client to install a product or adjust an installation.

This organization has two advantages : understanding better our clients needs and integrating their feedback when designing new products.

An organization that guarantees quality

Our technical blog and its F.A.Q. section are the result of this experience. On this page are listed the most common questions: it aims at answering 90% of the requests. To read it first aims our customers to save much time.

If the customer does not find the answer to his question, he will then detail his request in our contact page.

We designed this scheme of support to allow a direct connection with the specialized engineer related to the subject.

Moreover, the online expression of the request enables our engineers to write the answer at the most proper time for them, when time is dedicated for this task. It then ensures full availability, and the most accurate response to the query.

The high quality of SpringCard customer serviceThe basics of our support

At SpringCard, we are committed to explaining our technologies. But their complexity is such that our customers often need to be supported after purchase.

We offer some Plug & Play products that non-specialists can use. But the bulk of our product line consists of OEM products. For those, support is often needed.

Once sent, the online request is answered within a maximum of 48 hours, according to a rigorous investigation method.

The loyalty of our customers strengthens us in this choice of organization, but as usual, we also give attention to their suggestions.

Published on 10/3/2017

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