All about the OEM reader hidden in the machine without removing

SpringCard is attentive to give the best to its customers. That is why the SpringField Colorado Application is born. If you use SpringCard’s readers of our portfolio (/RDR, RFID Scanner, FunkyGate…) or SpringCard's custom-made readers, you will love this App!

Your machines’ upkeep is not as simple as it should do. As you need to check the firmware version or to know if the reader should be updated, the OEM reader is often -too often- hidden. Thanks to SpringField Colorado App, catch the information you need in the blink of an eye. Just pass an Android smartphone in front of the reader to test and you will know all about it!

Please note that this App runs only on Android smartphones which have a NFC interface and supporting Host Card Emulation (HCE) mode.

You can download it here.

SpringField Colorado App indicates:

  • the exact Name of the Vendor, of the Product and the firmware ID
  • the firmware version (Firmware Version + Revision ID)
  • the Serial Number of the Product, which is also the MAC address of all the network’s products the active communication interface and the selected protocol
  • and only for products running on network, the IP address and a field named Info/Location.

The readers that are compliant with the app are the following:

  • SpringCard's Prox’N’Roll HSP RFID Scanner (version >= 1.69)
  • SpringCard's FunkyGate NFC (version >= 1.69), all versions -DW, -IP ou -IP+POE
  • All the SpringCard’s /RDR products (version >= 1.69)
  • All the SpringCard’s custom-made products based on the IWM2 library (version >= 1.69)

For further technical details, please read this page.

Published on 9/9/2016

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