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Source Coronado Brewing CoOur Norwegian customer Thin Film Electronics ASA is a global leader in NFC mobile marketing. Its latest achievement consists in the development of a NFC beer coaster for Coronado Brewing San Diego (source of the picture on the right side: Coronado Brewing Co).

The beer market is extremely competitive: more than 3,900 new products are launched every year in the US beer market (source Nielsen). It is then difficult to stand out from the crowd of brewers and to catch attention. Coronado Brewing Co. has chosen NFC technology to stick out and to engage more its customers.

ThinFilm has developed beer coasters including their SpeedTap ™ tags: with the simple tap of a smartphone, the customer accesses the web page dedicated to the new traditional beer, the CoastWise IPA session.
This page highlights the partnership with the NGO Surfrider to which a part of income from the sale of the beer is donated.

The design of the product took into account the need to measure the action: each coaster had a one-week life cycle, each box of coasters had an average life cycle of 35 days and the coasters were distributed over a period of one month.
The results are as high as expected. Consumers were seduced by the innovative beer coaster.
While the usual Coronado usually register click-through rates of 0.2%, the results of this new campain reached an average of 1.65% (with a max of 2.24%). Compared to other Coronado marketing channels, the conversion rate is 13 to 17.5% higher.

Customers were many to the take home the coasters and to ask for buying information. Coronado then plan to reconfigure the coasters that have not been distributed yet and to redirect the previous page to the e-commerce page.


The use case in a few words

The use case in details

Published on 9/14/2017

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