We helped creating the fastest beer dispenser in the world !

QuickTap is a beer dispenser device offering you the possibility to allow your customer to serve beer by themselves in 5 seconds.

How does QuickTap works ? 

SpringCard helped infoEL to elaborate the fastest self service beer dispenser in the world. This product is based on our TwistyWriter IP PC/SC with an external antenna and a Prox’n Roll reader to create the cards allowing customers to use the beer dispenser.

The beer dispenser is composed of a programmable keyboard which allows you to program the quantity of small and large beers to pour. The dispensing noozle is cooled to allow a perfect beer temperature as well as the exact amount of froth on each pint.

You always keep control of the machine, thanks to an Linux app and a board computer embedded in the beer dispenser.

This custom-made device is mainly used for events with a lot of people in order to reduce queue for the customer and staff for the company organising the event. This product was created 3 years ago and is now being upgraded by infoEL. This upgraded product is designed also to be rented by customers for their events.

There is a lot of interest for Quicktap beer dispenser abroad, but for now it is still in testing period.

Why did infoEL choose us ? 

infoEL choose us because they already used our CSB4 before and they needed an expertise in embedded systems as well as a company able to produce reliable products. infoEL wanted to be sure to be able to buy the components of this projects the year after and thanks to our industrial expertise we always make our components for our clients.

The challenges of this project was to find the good technical solution which was difficult because this project needed different hardwares and the use of several readers which different technical specifications. infoEL wanted to be sure to invest their time and money in a project that was going to work and to bring a proper solution to their issues.

They were highly satisfied with the customer support and especially the swiftness and quality of the answers they received regarding their questions on technical questions.

Visit their website here: http://quicktap.si/


Published in 04/17/2018

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