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SPRINGCARD RFID+NFC SCANNERS - K663/RDR - Configuration and Software Guide
pmd13206-ab.pdf AB 272 kb
CCID over Serial and CCID over TCP implementations
[pmd15282-bb]_zero-driver-ccid-low-level-implementation.pdf BB 440 kb
pmd15282-aa.pdf AA 407 kb
K663 CCID Developer's Guide
pmd15305-aa.pdf AA 767 kb
Using SpringCard PC/SC couplers with Android
pmd15240-aa.pdf AA 587 kb
FunkyGate-DW NFC Integration and Configuration Guide
pma13292-ad.pdf AD 449 kb
pma13292-ab.pdf AB 399 kb
pma13292-aa.pdf AA 400 kb
FunkyGate-IP NFC, HandyDrummer-IP Network Integration and Configuration
pma14166-ab.pdf AB 581 kb
pma14166-aa.pdf AA 567 kb
Readers & RFID Scanners: Card Templates reference
[pma13205-bd]_smart-readers-and-rfid-scanners-template-system.pdf BD 446 kb
pma13205-ab.pdf AB 355 kb
pma13205-aa.pdf AA 367 kb
FunkyGate-IP NFC Integration and Configuration Guide
pma13257-ca.pdf CA 518 kb
pma13257-ba.pdf BA 497 kb
pma13257-aa.pdf AA 484 kb
Modules with antenna Characteristics and Integration Guide
pna13190-ac.pdf AC 665 kb
pna13190-ab.pdf AB 923 kb
H512 Hardware Integration Guide
pna2237-aa.pdf AA 646 kb
H663 Developer's Reference Manual
[pmd2271-bc]_h663-developer-reference-manual.pdf BC 854 kb
pmd2271-bb.pdf BB 838 kb
pmd2271-ba.pdf BA 845 kb
pmd2271-af.pdf AF 767 kb
pmd2271-ae.pdf AE 763 kb
pmd2271-ac.pdf AC 749 kb
pmd2271-ab.pdf AB 750 kb
NFC SDK for PC/SC Getting Started Guide
pmd2228-aa.pdf AA 548 kb
H512 Developer's Reference Manual
pmd2176-af.pdf AF 860 kb
pmd2176-ae.pdf AE 825 kb
pmd2176-ac.pdf AC 738 kb
pmd2176-ab.pdf AB 731 kb
SpringProx couplers Developer's Guide
pmde051-dd.pdf DD 515 kb
pmde051-dc.pdf DC 514 kb
pmde051-db.pdf DB 510 kb
pmde051-cc.pdf CC 1528 kb
pmde051-ca.pdf CA 867 kb
Prox'N'Roll RFID scanner reference manual
pma8n9p-bd.pdf BD 641 kb
pma8n9p-bc.pdf BC 633 kb
pma8n9p-bb.pdf BB 633 kb
pma8n9p-ba.pdf BA 633 kb
pma8n9p-aa.pdf AA 2030 kb
IWM-K632 reference manual
pmaa061-da.pdf DA 746 kb
pmaa061-ce.pdf CE 696 kb
pmaa061-cd.pdf CD 2970 kb
pmaa061-cc.pdf CC 3015 kb
pmaa061-cb.pdf CB 2993 kb
pmaa061-ca.pdf CA 798 kb
pmaa061-bb.pdf BB 669 kb
IWM-K531 reference manual
pmaa060-cb.pdf CB 463 kb
CSB4, K531, K632 : Firmware upgrade procedure
fgf984p-ab.pdf AB 584 kb
fgf984p-aa.pdf AA 479 kb
Developing a scriptable PC/SC applet in Java
pmd0160-aa.pdf AA 391 kb
CSB6 Developer's reference manual
pmd841p-fb.pdf FB 578 kb
pmd841p-fa.pdf FA 560 kb
pmd841p-ea.pdf EA 1610 kb
pmd841p-db.pdf DB 1036 kb
pmd841p-da.pdf DA 583 kb
pmd841p-ce.pdf CE 546 kb
pmd841p-cc.pdf CC 392 kb
pmd841p-cb.pdf CB 390 kb
pmd841p-ca.pdf CA 390 kb
pmd841p-ba.pdf BA 275 kb
pmd841p-ac.pdf AC 315 kb
Introduction to PC/SC development
pmdz061-ae.pdf AE 336 kb
pmdz061-ad.pdf AD 308 kb
pmdz061-ac.pdf AC 290 kb
pmdz061-ab.pdf AB 568 kb
pmdz061-aa.pdf AA 473 kb

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