Downloads: PC/SC Driver for USB couplers

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PC/SC Driver for USB couplers
sd16055-2104.exe 2104 7403 kb
sd16055-2008.exe 2008 5177 kb
sd16055-1903.exe 1903 3959 kb
sd16055-1810.exe 1810 3955 kb
sd16055-1607.exe 1607 4053 kb
sd16055-1605.exe 1605 4055 kb
sd16055-1603.exe 1603 4041 kb
sd16055-1602.exe 1602 4041 kb
  Driver for all USB PC/SC couplers - Supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 & 64 bits)  
  Note: Note : The PC/SC USB driver covers the SpringProx USB PC/SC family (H663, Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP... and the earlier generation of products: CSB6, CrazyWriter mk1...) and the SpringCore USB family when configured for PC/SC mode (Puck, SpringPark...).  

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