Downloads: CSB6 Family : Legacy USB driver

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Filename Version Upload date Size
CSB6 Family : Legacy USB driver
sdd470-ba.exe BA 747 kb
sdd470-ae.exe AE 886 kb
sdd470-ad.exe AD 810 kb
sdd470-ac.exe AC 839 kb
sdd470-ab.exe AB 493 kb
sdd470-1606.exe 1606 970 kb
  Windows virtual comm port driver (compliant with SpringProx API) for the CSB6 family (Prox'N'Roll, CrazyWriter, EasyFinger) configured for legacy mode  
  Note: In legacy mode, CSB6 uses a standard USB CDC/ACM profile. Actual driver is provided by Microsoft with the OS. This package only provides the relevant '.inf' file.  

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