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Companion Service
sn20030-2309.exe 2309 6888 kb
sn20030-2214.exe 2214 6756 kb
sn20030-2211.exe 2211 6742 kb
sn20030-2112.exe 2112 5212 kb
sn20030-2109.exe 2109 5064 kb
sn20030-2103.exe 2103 4958 kb
sn20030-2101.exe 2101 4736 kb
sn20030-2009.exe 2009 4630 kb
sn20030-2008.exe 2008 4582 kb
sn20030-2001.exe 2001 3253 kb
  SpringCard Companion Service, the gateway between your devices and the SpringCard Companion Cloud Application  
  Note: SpringCard Companion is a web-based application to manage, configure and upgrade every device in the SpringCore family (Puck, SpringPark...). The SpringCard Companion Service is a lighweight Windows application that links the devices to the cloud.  

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