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Windows PC/SC Driver for Network couplers (old version)
sd15424-2001.exe 2001 2511 kb
sd15424-1603.exe 1603 4003 kb
sd15424-1601.exe 1601 3987 kb
  Windows PC/SC driver for SpringCard Network couplers Compatible from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (32 & 64 bits)  
  Note: NB: This driver is no longer maintained and has been replaced by Windows PC/SC Bridge, universal driver for Network & BLE couplers. Please download SD20191 setup.  
PC/SC driver for Windows (old version)
sdd480-bb.exe BB 3863 kb
sdd480-ac.exe AC 596 kb
sdd480-aa.exe AA 588 kb
  Windows PC/SC driver for SpringCard USB CCID (Prox'N'Roll, CrazyWriter, EasyFinger, CSB6...) Please use new driver: sd16055  
  Note: Products without SAM nor contact slot (like Prox'N'Roll) could be used with Microsoft's CCID driver (shipped with Windows or available on Windows Update). Only our driver gives access to the SAM or contact slots of the other products.  
Driver for SpringProx-SD and SpringSIM-SD
sdioserial_ppc2005_armv4.exe ARMV4 52 kb
sdioserial_ppc2003_armv4.exe ARMV4 52 kb
  Drivers for SpringSIM-SD & SpringProx-SD on PocketPC  
  Note: Use ActiveSync to install this driver on your PocketPC  
Driver (virtual comm. port) for CSB4 family
sdd100-da.exe DA 1676 kb
sdd100-ca.exe CA 1618 kb
sdd100-bc.exe BC 1558 kb
sdd100-bb.exe BB 1481 kb
sdd100-ba.exe BA 1497 kb
sdd100-aa.exe AA 1052 kb
  Note: This is only a re-packaging of FTDI's Combined Driver Model (CDM v2) with SpringCard's product IDs  
Driver for CSB4 family: installation guide
pmi8f1p-ab.pdf AB 391 kb
pmi8f1p-aa.pdf AA 564 kb
PC/SC Driver for USB couplers
sd16055-2209.exe 2209 6850 kb
sd16055-2104.exe 2104 7403 kb
sd16055-2008.exe 2008 5177 kb
sd16055-1903.exe 1903 3959 kb
sd16055-1810.exe 1810 3955 kb
sd16055-1607.exe 1607 4053 kb
sd16055-1605.exe 1605 4055 kb
sd16055-1603.exe 1603 4041 kb
sd16055-1602.exe 1602 4041 kb
  Driver for all USB PC/SC couplers - Supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 & 64 bits)  
  Note: Note : The PC/SC USB driver covers the SpringProx USB PC/SC family (H663, Prox'N'Roll HSP, CrazyWriter HSP, TwistyWriter HSP... and the earlier generation of products: CSB6, CrazyWriter mk1...) and the SpringCore USB family when configured for PC/SC mode (Puck, SpringPark...).  
CSB6 Family : Legacy USB driver
sdd470-ba.exe BA 747 kb
sdd470-ae.exe AE 886 kb
sdd470-ad.exe AD 810 kb
sdd470-ac.exe AC 839 kb
sdd470-ab.exe AB 493 kb
sdd470-1606.exe 1606 970 kb
  Windows virtual comm port driver (compliant with SpringProx API) for the CSB6 family (Prox'N'Roll, CrazyWriter, EasyFinger) configured for legacy mode  
  Note: In legacy mode, CSB6 uses a standard USB CDC/ACM profile. Actual driver is provided by Microsoft with the OS. This package only provides the relevant '.inf' file.  
Windows PC/SC Bridge, universal driver for Network & BLE couplers
sd20191-2106.exe 2106 3057 kb
sd20191-2104.exe 2104 3035 kb
  Windows PC/SC driver for network products  
  Note: PC/SC Bridge is the Windows driver for the SpringProx Net PC/SC family (E663, FungyGate IP PC/SC, TwistyWriter IP PC/SC...) and the SpringCore Net family when configured for PC/SC mode (SpringPark...). An open source driver is available for the PCSC-Lite stack (Linux / macOS) on GitHub: <a href=""></a>. You may have to download NDDU to assign an IP address to the network devices before using them with PC/SC Bridge.