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Filename Version Upload date Size
TwistyWriter IP RDR NFC Quickstart Guide
pmu18339-aa.pdf AA 935 kb
FunkyGate IP RDR NFC QuickStart Guide
pmu18338-aa.pdf AA 1113 kb
Crazy UHF QuickStart Guide FR
pfl18347-aa.pdf AA 335 kb
Crazy UHF QuickStart Guide
pfl18041-ab.pdf AB 290 kb
pfl18041-aa.pdf AA 280 kb
FunkyGate DW RDR NFC 3D
edd18356-aa.step AA 8005 kb
FunkyGate IP PC/SC QuickStart Guide
pmu18296-aa.pdf AA 1738 kb
TwistyWriter IP PC/SC QuickStart Guide
pmu18293-aa.pdf AA 1232 kb
K663 (RDR) TTL, 232, 485 QuickStart Guide
pmu18291-aa.pdf AA 1104 kb
TwistyWriter TTL, 232, 485 QuickStart Guide
[pmu18289-aa]_twistywriter-ttl-232-and-485-quickstart-guide.pdf AA 1145 kb
H663 USB QuickStart Guide
pmu18287-ab.pdf AB 698 kb
[pmu18287-aa]_h663-usb-quickstart-guide.pdf AA 697 kb
Prox'N'Roll HSP RFID Scanner QuickStart Guide FR
[pmu18282-aa]_proxnroll-hsp-rfid-scanner-getting-started-guide-fr.pdf AA 701 kb
Prox'N'Roll HSP RFID Scanner QuickStart Guide
[pmu18264-aa]_proxnroll-hsp-rfid-scanner-getting-started-guide.pdf AA 690 kb
TwistyWriter HSP QuickStart Guide
[pmu18284-ac]_twistywriter-hsp-quickstart-guide.pdf AC 1159 kb
[pmu18284-ab]_twistywriter-hsp-quickstart-guide.pdf AB 1158 kb
[pmu18284-aa]_twistywriter-hsp-quickstart-guide.pdf AA 1142 kb
CrazyWriter HSP 3D
[psl18280-aa] AA 1928 kb
H663 3D
[psl18278-aa] AA 142 kb
K663 3D
[psl18277-aa] AA 118 kb
Prox'N'Roll 3D
[psl18279-aa] AA 2203 kb
Prox'n Roll HSP PC/SC QuickStart [FR]
[pmu18265-aa]_proxnroll-hcp-pcsc-getting-started-guide-fr.pdf AA 463 kb
Prox'n Roll HSP PC/SC QuickStart
[pmu17105-aa]_proxnroll-hcp-pcsc-getting-started-guide.pdf AA 456 kb
Prox'n Roll PC/SC HSP Product Leaflet [FR]
pfl18260-aa.pdf AA 676 kb
Prox'n Drive Product Leaflet [FR]
pfl18259-ca.pdf CA 571 kb
pfl18259-be.pdf BE 571 kb
pfl18259-bd.pdf BD 571 kb
pfl18259-bc.pdf BC 575 kb
pfl18259-bb.pdf BB 562 kb
pfl18259-ba.pdf BA 560 kb
pfl18259-ae.pdf AE 559 kb
pfl18259-ad.pdf AD 507 kb
[pfl18259-ac]_proxndrive-product-leaflet-fr.pdf AC 504 kb
[pfl18259-ac]_prox39n-drive-product-leaflet-fr.pdf AC 504 kb
[pfl18259-ab]_proxndrive-product-leaflet-fr.pdf AB 532 kb
[pfl18259-ab]_prox39n-drive-product-leaflet-fr.pdf AB 532 kb
pfl18259-aa.pdf AA 742 kb
pft18147-ab.pdf AB 325 kb
pft18147-aa.pdf AA 284 kb
User Guide D600
[pmu18021-aa]_userguide-d600.pdf AA 1800 kb
D600 Technical Informations
[pft18019-aa]_fiche-technique-d600-en.pdf AA 804 kb
D600 Fiche Technique
[pft18020-aa]_fiche-technique-d600-fr.pdf AA 696 kb
FunkyGate Special Instructions
[pna17271-aa]_funkygate-special-instructions.pdf AA 284 kb
pna17271-aa.pdf AA 284 kb
Twist'N'Blue - BLE solutions
[csl15408-ac]_twistnblue-ble-solutions.pdf AC 334 kb
SpringCard’s RFID & NFC Antennas
cfs16241-aa.pdf AA 553 kb
Prox'N'Roll PC/SC HSP
pfl16011-ac.pdf AC 959 kb
pfl16011-ab.pdf AB 909 kb
pfl16011-aa.pdf AA 909 kb
Prox'N'Roll RFID Scanner HSP
pfl16007-ad.pdf AD 1333 kb
pfl16007-ac.pdf AC 1313 kb
pfl16007-ab.pdf AB 1314 kb
pfl16007-aa.pdf AA 917 kb
‘E’ Series : Network PC/SC Contactless Couplers
[pfl16089-ab]_e-series-network-pc-sc-contactless-couplers-leaflet.pdf AB 2577 kb
pfl16089-ab.pdf AB 2576 kb
pfl16089-aa.pdf AA 2572 kb
Cards & NFC Tags
cfs15241-aa.pdf AA 664 kb
Accessories portfolio
cfs15397-ac.pdf AC 3308 kb
[cfs15397-ab]_accessories-portfolio.pdf AB 3429 kb
'K' Series OEM Serial Contactless Couplers leaflet
[pfl15108-ab]_oem-serial-couplers.pdf AB 5069 kb
pfl15108-ab.pdf AB 5069 kb
pfl15108-aa.pdf AA 5273 kb
Card and Tags Datasheet
'H' Series OEM PC/SC Contactless Couplers leaflet
[pfl14178-ad]_springcard-oem-pc-sc-couplers-leaflet.pdf AD 8022 kb
pfl14178-ac.pdf AC 7831 kb
pfl14178-ab.pdf AB 8641 kb
pfl14178-aa.pdf AA 1117 kb
CrazyWriter HSP QuickStart Guide
pmu14092-aa.pdf AA 1623 kb
FunkyGate NFC Product Leaflet (en)
pfl13276-aa.pdf AA 6496 kb
FunkyGate NFC Product Leaflet (fr)
pfl13274-aa.pdf AA 6498 kb
FunkyGate NFC (IP & DW) Installation Guide
pmi14049-ab.pdf AB 440 kb
pmi14049-aa.pdf AA 421 kb
FunkyGate Installation Guide
pmi14049-ab.pdf AB 440 kb
pmi14049-aa.pdf AA 421 kb
Cables for SpringCard products Leaflet
pfl13232-ab.pdf AB 383 kb
pfl13232-aa.pdf AA 379 kb
H512-USB Product Leaflet
pfl13242-aa.pdf AA 476 kb
H663-USB+232 Product Leaflet
pfl13241-aa.pdf AA 293 kb
H663-USB Product Leaflet
pfl13240-aa.pdf AA 301 kb
Prox'N'Drive Product Leaflet
[pfl2064-ca]_proxndrive-product-leaflet.pdf CA 545 kb
[pfl2064-bg]_proxndrive-product-leaflet.pdf BG 545 kb
[pfl2064-bf]_proxndrive-product-leaflet.pdf BF 549 kb
[pfl2064-be]_proxndrive-product-leaflet.pdf BE 535 kb
[pfl2064-bd]_proxndrive-product-leaflet.pdf BD 533 kb
[pfl2064-bc]_proxndrive-product-leaflet.pdf BC 533 kb
[pfl2064-bb]_proxndrive-product-leaflet.pdf BB 481 kb
[pfl2064-ba]_prox39n-drive-product-leaflet.pdf BA 478 kb
[pfl2064-ba]_proxndrive-product-leaflet.pdf BA 478 kb
[pfl2064-aj]_prox39n-drive-product-leaflet.pdf AJ 478 kb
[pfl2064-aj]_proxndrive-product-leaflet.pdf AJ 478 kb
[pfl2064-ai]_prox39n-drive-product-leaflet.pdf AI 506 kb
[pfl2064-ai]_proxndrive-product-leaflet.pdf AI 506 kb
pfl2064-ah.pdf AH 716 kb
pfl2064-ag.pdf AG 306 kb
pfl2064-af.pdf AF 404 kb
pfl2064-ae.pdf AE 403 kb
pfl2064-ad.pdf AD 334 kb
pfl2064-ac.pdf AC 410 kb
pfl2064-ab.pdf AB 601 kb
SpringCard Services leaflet (french)
cfs13216-aa.pdf AA 3504 kb
K632/RDR-232 product leaflet
pfl9346-ab.pdf AB 420 kb
pfl9346-aa.pdf AA 770 kb
SDK for PCSC - Readme First
pmd13180-aa.pdf AA 1174 kb
K663 series product leaflet
pfl2251-ab.pdf AB 450 kb
pfl2251-aa.pdf AA 633 kb
CrazyWriter HSP product leaflet
pfl0166-ba.pdf BA 1610 kb
pfl0166-ad.pdf AD 342 kb
pfl0166-ac.pdf AC 341 kb
pfl0166-ab.pdf AB 435 kb
CSB HSP product leaflet
pfl1104-ab.pdf AB 401 kb
CrazyWriter LT product leaflet
pfl2248-aa.pdf AA 600 kb
H663 series product leaflet
pfl2139-ac.pdf AC 478 kb
pfl2139-ab.pdf AB 620 kb
pfl2139-aa.pdf AA 350 kb
H512 series product leaflet
pfl2226-aa.pdf AA 533 kb
k531 product information sheet
pfl81qp-ab.pdf AB 355 kb
pfl81qp-aa.pdf AA 346 kb
Windscreen antenna product information sheet
pfl9336-aa.pdf AA 561 kb
TDS Recon documentation
tdsreconbrochure.pdf 499 kb
SpringWAP product information sheet
pfl8r1p-ac.pdf AC 1284 kb
pfl8r1p-ab.pdf AB 718 kb
pfl8r1p-aa.pdf AA 742 kb
SpringProxBio-RC product information sheet
pfl80hp-ab.pdf AB 413 kb
SpringProxBio-RC demonstration movie
c05c150.wmv 3953 kb
SpringProxBio-RC datasheet
pftc1501-ag.pdf AG 400 kb
SpringProx-SD datasheet
pftc1001-ae.pdf AE 305 kb
SpringProx-RC product information sheet
pfl80gp-ac.pdf AC 566 kb
pfl80gp-ab.pdf AB 587 kb
SpringProx-RC datasheet
pftc171-ad.pdf AD 446 kb
SpringProx-RC & Bio-RC product flyer
c01c001-ab.pdf AB 152 kb
SpringProx-CF-UP datasheet
pftc0b1-ad.pdf AD 86 kb
SpringProx-CF datasheet
pftc040-ac.pdf AC 323 kb
SpringProx-CF and SpringProx-CFUP product information sheet
pfl8u0p-ba.pdf BA 164 kb
pfl8u0p-ab.pdf AB 231 kb
pfl8u0p-aa.pdf AA 183 kb
SpringProx product flyer
c01c000-ab.pdf AB 452 kb
SpringCard-WAP product information sheet
pfl80yp-ac.pdf AC 361 kb
pfl80yp-ab.pdf AB 251 kb
pfl80yp-aa.pdf AA 242 kb
SpringCard-WAP product flyer
c01c1b0-aa.pdf AA 522 kb
SpringCard-WAP datasheet
pftc021-ab.pdf AB 72 kb
SpringCard-CF product information sheet
pfl8t9p-ab.pdf AB 577 kb
pfl8t9p-aa.pdf AA 536 kb
SpringCard-CF product flyer
c01d000-ab-fr.pdf AB-FR 365 kb
c01d000-ab-en.pdf AB-EN 364 kb
SRK-K531 datasheet
pftd2501-af.pdf AF 498 kb
K632/RDR-TTL product leaflet
pfl9345-ab.pdf AB 460 kb
pfl9345-aa.pdf AA 596 kb
RDR reference manual
pma959p-cb.pdf CB 676 kb
pma959p-ab.pdf AB 648 kb
pma959p-aa.pdf AA 640 kb
ProxRunner reference manual
pma82tp-bb.pdf BB 553 kb
pma82tp-ba.pdf BA 551 kb
pma82tp-aa.pdf AA 2214 kb
ProxRunner product information sheet
pfl8s0p-ae.pdf AE 360 kb
pfl8s0p-ad.pdf AD 377 kb
pfl8s0p-ac.pdf AC 377 kb
pfl8s0p-ab.pdf AB 377 kb
pfl8s0p-aa.pdf AA 117 kb
ProxRunner QuickStart Guide
pmu84qp-ab.pdf AB 78 kb
pmu84qp-aa.pdf AA 55 kb
Prox'N'Roll PC/SC product information sheet
pfl8p7p-ba.pdf BA 852 kb
pfl8p7p-ac.pdf AC 510 kb
pfl8p7p-ab.pdf AB 510 kb
K632-TTL product information sheet
pfl9231-ab.pdf AB 596 kb
pfl9231-aa.pdf AA 325 kb
K632-232 product information sheet
pfl9230-aa.pdf AA 769 kb
K632 product information sheet
pfl81tp-af.pdf AF 377 kb
pfl81tp-ac.pdf AC 435 kb
pfl81tp-ab.pdf AB 452 kb
pfl81tp-aa.pdf AA 425 kb
K531-TTL product information sheet
pfl81sp-ab.pdf AB 629 kb
pfl81sp-aa.pdf AA 450 kb
K531-TTL datasheet
pfte0101-bb.pdf BB 235 kb
K531-PRN datasheet
pfte0701-bb.pdf BB 125 kb
K531-485 product information sheet
pfl9237-aa.pdf AA 522 kb
K531-232 product information sheet
pfl81rp-ab.pdf AB 780 kb
pfl81rp-aa.pdf AA 450 kb
K531-232 datasheet
pfte1b0-ab.pdf AB 235 kb
K531 product flyer
c01e011-ac.pdf AC 208 kb
K531 datasheet
pfte015-bb.pdf BB 523 kb
K531 datasheet
pft12010-bb.pdf BB 521 kb
IWM-K632-WD datasheet (deprecated, see pft874p)
pfta062-ab.pdf AB 271 kb
IWM-K632-SU product information sheet
pfl80pp-ac.pdf AC 488 kb
pfl80pp-ab.pdf AB 509 kb
pfl80pp-aa.pdf AA 540 kb
IWM-K632-SU datasheet (deprecated, see pft875p)
pfta091-ab.pdf AB 262 kb
IWM-K632-DW product information sheet
pfl80op-ac.pdf AC 493 kb
pfl80op-ab.pdf AB 493 kb
pfl80op-aa.pdf AA 595 kb
IWM-K632 product flyer
c01a110-ab.pdf AB 352 kb
IWM-K531-WD datasheet (deprecated, see pft874p)
pfta061-db.pdf DB 269 kb
IWM-K531-SU datasheet (deprecated, see pft875p)
pfta090-ab.pdf AB 260 kb
IWM-K531-SU & IWM-K632-SU datasheet
pft875p-aa.pdf AA 255 kb
IWM-K531-DW & IWM-K632-DW datasheet
pft874p-aa.pdf AA 257 kb
IWM-K531 product flyer
c01a060-ad.pdf AD 351 kb
FunkyGate-SU product information sheet
pft0193-af.pdf AF 659 kb
pft0193-ae.pdf AE 742 kb
pft0193-ad.pdf AD 725 kb
pft0193-aa.pdf AA 146 kb
FunkyGate product information sheet
pfl9a5p-ah.pdf AH 524 kb
pfl9a5p-ag.pdf AG 503 kb
pfl9a5p-ad.pdf AD 467 kb
pfl9a5p-ab.pdf AB 578 kb
FunkyGate reference manual
pma8p3p-ca.pdf CA 1146 kb
pma8p3p-bb.pdf BB 735 kb
pma8p3p-ba.pdf BA 735 kb
pma8p3p-aa.pdf AA 2890 kb
EasyFinger product information sheet
pfl8t8p-aa.pdf AA 394 kb
CrazyWriter product information sheet
CrazyWriter product information sheet
pfl8t5p-bb.pdf BB 950 kb
pfl8t5p-ba.pdf BA 401 kb
pfl8t5p-ac.pdf AC 417 kb
pfl8t5p-ab.pdf AB 428 kb
pfl8t5p-aa.pdf AA 531 kb
CrazyWriter datasheet
pftd471-ba.pdf BA 218 kb
CSB6 Family : Quick installation guide (Windows)
pmu8j5p-aa.pdf AA 62 kb
CSB5B datasheet
pftd430-ac.pdf AC 219 kb
CSB5 datasheet
pftd300-ad.pdf AD 124 kb
CSB4 product information sheet
pfl8t6p-ba.pdf BA 1540 kb
pfl8t6p-ae.pdf AE 254 kb
pfl8t6p-ac.pdf AC 238 kb
pfl8t6p-ab.pdf AB 237 kb
pfl8t6p-aa.pdf AA 254 kb
Prox'N'Roll PC/SC OEM datasheet
pfl2058-ac.pdf AC 859 kb
pfl2058-ab.pdf AB 1520 kb
Prox'N'Roll RFID Scanner OEM datasheet
pft1147-ac.pdf AC 909 kb
pft1147-ab.pdf AB 832 kb
CSB-4U datasheet
pftd022-ab.pdf AB 230 kb
pftd022-aa.pdf AA 230 kb
CSB-4U datasheet
pftd020-ad.pdf AD 229 kb
CSB-4S datasheet
pftd011-ab.pdf AB 270 kb
CSB-4S datasheet
pftd010-ad.pdf AD 268 kb
CSB-4 product flyer
c01d100-ab.pdf AB 203 kb
CSB Quickstart and USB driver installation
pnad101-ad.pdf AD 429 kb
Automotive Reader product information sheet
pfl9352-ab.pdf AB 706 kb
pfl9352-aa.pdf AA 675 kb
CSB6 product information sheet
pfl8t7p-ad.pdf AD 133 kb
pfl8t7p-ac.pdf AC 121 kb
pfl8t7p-ab.pdf AB 514 kb
pfl8t7p-aa.pdf AA 514 kb
Prox'N'Roll RFID Scanner quickstart guide
pmu84op-ab.pdf AB 80 kb
pmu84op-aa.pdf AA 57 kb
Prox'N'Roll RFID Scanner product information sheet
pfl8p9p-ac.pdf AC 477 kb
pfl8p9p-ab.pdf AB 494 kb

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