From contact to contactless technology

The inspiring collaboration between ITN International and   SpringCard SAS.

In the world of events, one company has made a name for itself by revolutionizing professional   identification using contactless technology.

Founded by Ivan Lazarev in 1999, ITN International has undergone a remarkable evolution moving from magnetic cards to smart cards and then to contactless cards (NFC/RFID).

Ivan's international journey began with a partnership with a company specialized in magnetic cards for identification at trade shows. Highly interested in this field, Ivan Lazarev founded ITN International in 1999, partnering with an American partner.


The ITN and SpringCard meeting

During the early days of ITN International, Ivan Lazarev had a decisive encounter with SpringCard, marking the start of a promising collaboration. It was at this juncture that he discovered our very first compact flash (CF) contact reader, designed specifically for integration into Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). This technological innovation proved to be a true game-changer for ITN, transforming the customer experience at trade shows.

Thanks to SpringCard's CF contact reader, ITN was able to offer an innovative approach for attendee identification at trade shows. By seamlessly integrating into PDAs, the CF contact reader streamlined the identification process and saved valuable time during these professional events.

ITN's Transition to Contactless

Initially focused on "contact" smart cards, ITN made a strategic decision in 2004 to embrace contactless technology, seizing an opportunity at a Bluetooth trade show – a first for such an event.

This success automatically propelled ITN as a specialist in contactless identification at professional trade shows. A crucial partnership with Philips (now NXP) marked a significant turning point for ITN, enabling them to explore new possibilities, such as contactless transportation and banking cards.


ITN had essential needs to maintain its leadership in the field of professional trade shows. Responsiveness was crucial, given the tight deadlines they faced. SpringCard adeptly met this requirement by offering highly responsive products and services, along with swift and effective technical support to ITN. This ensured uninterrupted service continuity for exhibitors during the trade shows.

In the quest for innovative and high-quality products to stand out, ITN found a perfect solution with Evolis printers, which incorporated SpringCard's contactless readers. This combination allowed ITN to offer cutting-edge identification cards with swift printing and an excellent user experience.

By showcasing their expertise in contactless technologies and maintaining a steadfast commitment to innovation, SpringCard became a key partner in assisting ITN to remain at the pinnacle of the industry and provide the best service to its clients.

Passion and Determination at the Heart of Our Projects

The journey of ITN International stands as a true example of perseverance and determination. Their unwavering commitment and resolve to continue utilizing this technology have been the cornerstones of their success throughout these years.

"It's a specific domain, but people don't realize that all professional companies around the world participate in trade shows."

ITN has been a genuine pioneer in popularizing contactless technology, playing a crucial role in disseminating this innovation to diverse users, including construction trade shows, technology, medical sectors, and many others.

The impact of their work has been tangible, as NFC technology has become integral for giants like iOS and Android. This success was made possible through fantastic partnerships that played a key role in achieving this feat. Our collaborations have left a significant footprint not only in the world of events but also in the realm of user experience.

This inspiring story demonstrates that determination, perseverance, and a strong partnership can truly disrupt the technological landscape.

ITN International and SpringCard have consistently innovated to write this story, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. It's through this determination that ITN has pushed boundaries and turned contactless technology into an undeniable reality in the professional world.

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